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Another war and more cheats, IR Academy grrr

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  • Another war and more cheats, IR Academy grrr

    TinSoldier you are great, but your CS team and having no action on cheats is discouraging most of us who play fair and used to spend a few quid, we get canned responses and no action taken from what I see and read

    Reported this IR academy and so far no action at all, they have players who can jump thousands of XP in days, a player dewa who started in dec 2018 now at level 321 in. few months (impossible ) he managed to gain 35,000 XP in 6 weeks,
    perhaps I am reading it wrong see pictures below and make your own mind up

    if this is fair whats the point in war's. between cheaters and war miss-matching it is a joke, name and shame

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    Guess what no action from tin or Cs and we lost another war to this cheating alliance, frustrating is not even close to how we feel, why war ? why spend ? if irons can hit space age I am ready to pack this in after 3 years it war reported early for action to be taken and zilch nada nothing no response, a complete waste of time and effort


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      Well they do take action but it does take them a while to get going.
      I believe TinSoldier is off for the weekend. He'll be online on Monday.

      And as for this cheating alliance, they're not the first ones. Might as well add them to the list of cheating alliances which include Fatality aka Swift aka TheMuslims, NKRI (not sure if it's the right spelling) and of course fans favorite Garuda Sakti.

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        Nexon should do a Big Huge Sweep of cheaters again. Ban permanently almost every single member of the alliances mentioned in LordStark263AC post.
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          I agree, just ban them all. I bet none of them have spent any money anyway so Nexon won’t be losing any paying customers. It’s a win-win.


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            Scots Guards 1642 BRB


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              no action taken so far, your guy must be busy, I will check back in a month or so