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Not able to join alliances

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  • Not able to join alliances

    Anyone else seeing it is tough to join an alliance? With my alt I can see the alliances pull up on the screen but when you click on them it never takes you to the screen where you can join.
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    restart your phone
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      Could be invite only alliance or medal count that's stopping you from joining. Or as Wrathchild_78 said clear cache and restart your phone.

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        It is not medal count or a phone issue. I have duplicated the same issue on 2 additional devices.
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          Well then it's a bug. Keep trying and you'll get in eventually.

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        Finally got it to work on both devices. It is very laggy and took repeated tries to get it to work.
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          The workround for this issue is : Close app. Login but don't open the Search Alliance (Alliance Gate) menu until 5 minutes or more. This is to load the alliance list properly.

          Another workaround (Android) is clearing app cache. It should work after that.
          Always wait until several minutes before clicking the Alliance Gate menu.

          If you're not in a hurry, this bug fixes itself after an hour or two, so you can wait.

          It's been a known bug for a while, I think I posted this before. So annoying, cause I was gonna join an alliance only to donate to my other account very quick, but I failed to join eventually 😒
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