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Bugs need to be fixed in between updates

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  • Bugs need to be fixed in between updates

    Since the last update we now have lag during war attacks, war matchmaking is worse again, replays are the worse they have been and the Bastion base building bug is still not totally fixed.
    i think I finally understand how BHG operates. It go’s like this. Put out an update. It then causes many bugs. Wait to fix things in the next update months later. Then that update causes more bugs. Then they wait months again and put out another update. Then that updates causes more bugs and on and on again over and over.

    BHG, why are you doing this to us? Why are you not fixing things in between updates which are months apart? Do you not have the manpower to work on Dominations anymore? Why are you not communicating with us more about some of these awful bugs?

    My Game ID is Dradis

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    Dominations seems dead. Nothing more from the company. Even the moderators are very silent. I am curious to know what is happening behind the scene, as it doesn't show any good sign !

    I think that the revenus went down, staff has been reduced, less cloud servers running, etc. Seems that an exit is being prepared...