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War's are broken AGAIN - agree or disagree

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  • War's are broken AGAIN - agree or disagree

    War match up's are really poor again, it was ok for a while then it all went to the dog's, I am reading certain Space age upgrades will lower you war weight and some players know what upgrades to do this with.
    So the more space age players you have helps as you can then lower your alliance war weight to get lopsided war's, I am opting out of war until I can see a fix or even a acknowledgment from Nexon that this is happening (what is the chance of a response ) meanwhile to offset these lopsided war's they offer ELE Sales again, well done Nexon this will surely help us in impossible War's thank you vey much

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    we are doing a 20vs20 war, they have 19 space age we have 6 space age. Rest is cw atomic industrial. No way this is a fair match.


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      Agree, sometimes its in our favor sometimes not, but 9/10 its an unfair match for us or the other ally.


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        Something is definately wrong