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  • Not getting NTG

    Its being 8 days, 34 +7 ww attk ie. total 41 attacks with 3 to 5 stars victory consecutively not getting ntg! Has anyone encountered such? I have report to customer service since day 2 and the reply is always getting ntg is by chance, please continue to attack. Even though I have provided the following info.
    1. It never happen before.
    2. Before such happening, I used to have ntg in about 8 out of 10 such attacks for the past year!
    3. I am in Kingdom III league 95% of the time, so the bases hit are randomly being the same
    4. I have 3 other accts and they are still having ntg as usual, 1 acct 9 out of 10 cos have ntg boost from artifacts, 2 acct is about 1/5 with no boost

    I further explain if by chance what is the chance? high chance, low chance? Since it was high chance 8 out of 10, how come suddenly becomes low chance? Its obvious the counter storing the probability is corrupted likely zero as no matter what happened it will be zero :-(. If by chance, such long streak of not having ntg, should then be common occurrence. It did not happen to me for the past 2 years and my current allies or previous one until now. Guess what is the reply?

    Getting ntg is by chance. no guarantee. please continue to attk. So i asked u mean I have to continue to hit 100 such attks, 1000, 10000 or what till ntg will appear?
    The reply is geting ntg is by chance, please continue to attk.

    So am i dumb or customer service dumb or there is a problem with the ntg probability counter in this account?

    This is not really a game stopping bug, but it is impacting world war and my alliance lost a war becos i cannot turn on coalitions as no ntg. Not very nice to my allies :-(

    Can someone help to get the msg thru' if it is a bug in the data file for this account

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    I'm alright but it's not just you.


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      Well is 11 days n close to 50 (including 10 ww attk) consecutive doing 3 to 5 stars victory not getting ntg. Really need to get nexon to fix it but not getting thru cusomer service!