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Replays are really bad now

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  • Replays are really bad now

    BHG, while we understand that war replays are not perfect, lately the replays are outright bad. I mean really bad. Not sure what happened after your update. Almost everyone of our war replays are terribly wrong. A real 5 star attack will show in the replay as a 2 star attack and so on. It’s not just war. Even challenge replays are bad. Isn’t there something you can do to make replays more accurate?

    Sorry for complaining but this bug is getting worse and it really should be fixed. Please look into this. Thank you
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    Your right accurate replays would also end a lot of misunderstanding and pointing fingers.
    Would think the base is some sort of grid and the war log should only register the drop location and troops dropped on the grid to get a decent replay.
    Personally I think the bad replays are caused by the rally's that can't be handled correct.
    They should be able to reconstruct the replay exactly as it was.
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      If they’d try to fix the replays they probably mess up the game so it won’t even start. Im sorry but I have given up on Nexon’s trying to fix anything. It’s funny that there’s never a problem coming up with new stupid troop tactics for sale.


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        Perhaps I'm over-suspicious but I had come to believe that every inaccurate replay was a result of some cheating activity. It is possible that I'm wrong though
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          It's something we check with every report, Saruman the White.

          Replay inaccuracies can be caused through not fault of the player via network interruptions, units getting off by a frame, or other minor issues. Be sure you are connected to a solid-wifi network, and please reach out to our CS team if you feel a replay is suspicious.
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