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  • Network Disconnect Errors

    I'm getting more disconnections lately in the game. Anyone else experiencing it more often? It's highly annoying given the cost and time to retrain all planes and there's no free retrain in such an event.
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    Yes, it is bad since a while. I lost even a WW attack due to this. Maybe there are less servers to host the game, so overloads...


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      I experienced this today for the 5th time the last 2 months. I had to retrain everything and lost 4 hours, 10K oil and another 40-50K oil (that I would have looted) for nothing...
      Sent to CS a message and got the usual copy paste message about strong wifi signal. That is bull cause I had a solid connection the whole time
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        Yes, yesterday during a WW attack (ofcourse)
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          Too many crashes each war.


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            You guys probably know all this already, but I play on a pretty old device which is prone to crashing so I've developed a few strategies that seem to work for me:

            1) The longer you play the more likely you are to crash, so log out, wait a few minutes, and then log back in before making important attacks in war
            2) The more troops you use and the more activity there is on the battlefield, the more likely you are to crash, so if you are still attacking with lots of barrack troops, consider switching to heavy tanks.
            3) Turn off sound in your device. Don't know if this one actually works but a lot of people used to suggest it when the game first started
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              yes..this game has memory leaks, so the longer you play, it will crash for sure. Always kill all apps & reboot game before doing an attack in WW.

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            Generally speaking, if it's because of the server maintenance it should be normal (annoying, but understandable). Rogue Squirrel is speaking the truth. Regularly clear cache, close the game after playing in long period.
            But. If it's in war attack and you're against big alliances, suspect it's abnormal 😜

            My device also often disconnects while watching replays in attacks using RPG Assault Rally (yes this combo is still effective). It's probably because of damage overflow, though AR is not as strong as before but the it ruin the replays somehow
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