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WW Allies Not Fixed

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  • WW Allies Not Fixed

    All our bases can receive 3 less allies in WW than in MP. I think the Soldier Exchange Program is still fubar.

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    The same here...


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      As far as I've seen it's been like this for a while now. I only remember one war that it was working and since I donate to 99% of our war bases I noticed that one time. I want to say since sally was introduced in the university but maybe that's too far back but yeah hasn't been working for the longest time. I think industrial and higher bases don't notice as much since sally boosts the numbers quite high but e.a and lower take a hit unfortunately.


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        It was after the matchmaking overhaul update. It seems somehow that alliance perk got disabled. They must fix it by next update, 3 slots can mean the difference of an additional armoured car...


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          ha..I saw this too when filling up the cities. I can fill less than before. Seems to be after the new MM system. 3 slots ? could be..


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            To summarize the current situation:

            Alliance Perk L3: Soldier Exchange Program (+3 alliance gait capacity)
            * Works on offense (i.e. we can receive +3 extra troops for attacks)
            * Does NOT work on defense (i.e., donations to our town centers are 3 less than they should be)

            Sally Ride's Alliance Gate Troop Capacity:
            * Works on offense and defense

            Sally Ride is mentioned because it did not work on defense when introduced; was fixed for awhile; then stopped working when the missing +3 alliance gate bug was introduced; but Sally works now.


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              Worked fine before they overhauled the war matchups. Since then we’ve all been short 3 troop spaces on war donations. Not cool.
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