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Speed Ups disappearing and crashing system

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  • Speed Ups disappearing and crashing system

    The current Speed up / Wall Manual event introduced a bug that does the following:

    * Speed Up is used (disappears) but does not speed up the building/research
    * Speed Up usage is logged for the wall manual event
    * Speed Up usage crashes the Dominations application

    To summarize, speed ups aren't speeding things up yet disappear, and attempting to use them crashes the application.

    I lack specifics (e.g., if the type of speed up matters, or what percentage of people this affects, ...) but it's being reported by several people on discord/line. CS refunds the speed ups when writing them.

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    Same thing happens to me. Lost my 9 days worth of speed ups. Very same issue with yours. Game Crash and Reach the event tier 4. Did they already fix yours?


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      The team is looking into causes behind some Speed-Ups not taking effect. Please reach out to our CS team if you have lost Speed-Ups this way.

      We have ended the event early to prevent further instances of this bug. In the near future, we will be issuing rewards to everyone who participated.
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        Even the game didn't like this event. Protested with bugs and crashes.


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          I see everyone that at least tried to use the speed ups in the event has been rewarded. My issue is that I couldn't even use the speed ups I had collected. I'm currently sitting with speedups in my archive but every time I try to use them during or after the event ended doesn't work. The screen on the upgrade screen is blank but they speed up shows available in the archive.. I'll post screens later but how do I fix this?