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War results issue.

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  • War results issue.

    Anybody else having issues with there war results showing after the war finished?
    Completed the second war after the new match making system but last war wasn't recorded. Showing the war results of the first war.
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    Yes our war that just finished yesterday did the same.
    Received the loot and chest, but still shows result of the war before.
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    • Berend_War
      Berend_War commented
      Editing a comment
      Yeah same here, not sure if Glory was recieved not really keeping a close eye on our glory.
      The CS started of helpful that they where going to fix it but in the end they didn't do any exept for passing it.
      Mainly need the results and who didn't do there attacks 😉

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    Yep, we just had exactly that same issue on our second war after the match making update.