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How devs punish paying users trying the glitch

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  • How devs punish paying users trying the glitch

    My account has been clean at least until 26th March 2019. I was level 266 Romans, space age, bought the starter pack 2 for 20,99 Euros as well as the extra workers estate for 54,99 Euros. My alliance was max, my library research was maxed to CWA level. Had 2nd research slot for armory and library. Korean leader in university was almost max, alliance gate was max, etc.

    Punishment by devs because I tried the glitch they built into this game and didn't fix for months:

    - wrong nation British, level 238 CWA (I used crowns to get to space age btw)
    - wrong wonders
    - CWA wonder not built
    - about 30.000 crowns I spent in university before glitch usage are gone, because university is gone
    - museum is gone
    - second research slots gone
    - extra workers estate for which I paid 54,99 Euros removed!
    - 20,99 Euros I paid to get extra house early is nullified due to the huge throwback

    By the way, none of the things I started with glitch workers had been finished, except for one extra landmine I accidentally placed.

    So, everything I paid real money for has been removed and all crowns I earned and spent have been destroyed beyond what was actually spent, because to make up for it would take the same amount and more again.

    About 12 months of playing time also have been completely nullified.

    Yet, the glitch still hasn't been fixed.

    Punishment is okay to some extent. But robbing the stuff from me for which I paid real money and robbing all crowns I rightfully earned goes too far. BHG took away advancement, crowns and stuff I purchased worth several hundreds of Euros. Not to mention the time invested in order to reach space age level 266 (before glitch usage). On top of that I got scammed by IronSource several times not getting crowns reward for completing offers (BHG doesn't care obviously).

    Why did I start using the glitch? Because I encountered 5-10 times per day cheater bases and got robbed of resources so many times by cheaters. Reporting cheaters never resulted in actions nor fixing that glitch. And when IronSource scammed me again, I was so pissed. Then found discussion about this glitch on this forum. Tried the glitch myself and zooom got banned for a few days and punished excessively.

    Those who always cheated though will never experience any loss in real money. Basically I have to give up playing the game now, because my account had been corrupted beyond reason.

    Well done, BHG.
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    Not sure if it is worse to be banned outright or given your base back broken. If you mess with the bull you get the horns. Cheater beware!


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      Hard to feel sympathy for cheaters.


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        Don’t blame you klop. It’s more Nexon’s fault than yours for leaving exploits unchecked in the game.


        • sileepuppee
          sileepuppee commented
          Editing a comment
          Nexon didn’t twist anyone’s arm to to try using the glitch. It’s funny that the game is getting the most blame and I do understand because they’re never going to patch it but no one is blaming the person that posted the exact instructions on how to pull it off. But I don’t blame that person and it all comes down to whether each player decides to try it. It’s not like it’s a 3rd party program that was downloaded and installed. It’s just some button pushing. Again as in other post, why risk it when you’ve allegedly used all this money. It’s also a comment that because someone’s spent way more money than I have (Zero spent in 2 years) that any punishment is severe. I despise the cheaters in this game and hate that the game does little/nothing about it. But at the same time, I don’t play the game so much that it makes me want to quit.

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        A grown up person whining about how he has been punished for doing mistakes. My son is probably better than you.
        Oh he's trying to call sympathy too. Got 1 white knight wannabe here, posting above me


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          Ban them all so what if it was there to use it's cheating. Plain and simple why should my $ be devalued so others do for free if only they would ban the device as well cheaters can die , one thing to use a code against a console game to speed though another to cheat other players glad your rolled back wish it was to Dawn age


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            And making multiple posts is going to achieve what?
            Sour grapes make whine.


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              Originally posted by Mixie View Post
              A grown up person whining about how he has been punished for doing mistakes. My son is probably better than you.
              Oh he's trying to call sympathy too. Got 1 white knight wannabe here, posting above me
              I'm not whining about punishment. I criticize the excess of punishment. Removing the permanent 3 extra workers estate I purchased is way too extreme. Rolling back to an earlier state - let's say one or two months - would have been reasonable. But not crippling the account completely and removing items I purchased. I also lost more than 30.000 crowns due to this, and much more when taking into account the crowns from past years. Btw, I had zero advancement by trying the glitch. Before anything could finish they already locked my account. No action taken though against any of those all-cheater alliances. I assume BHG does not want to fix that glitch and that for some reason they refuse to put sanctions on well-known cheater alliances (especially not on Asians for whatever reason).


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                Now that you are rolled back, you can have all the fun again!
                It's a build-your-city-and-evolve-, not idle-in-your-maxed-account-game.

                I don't think any of those maxed cheaters has real fun with the game.
                Those people cheat themselves.
                They are playing another game where it's all about how can I mess with the system.
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