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Banned for using Matrix glitch - lazy devs betraying their users

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  • Banned for using Matrix glitch - lazy devs betraying their users

    Have been banned for 'suspicious activity'. Please remove this ban immediately. I have spent money on this game and you block my account? I tell you something: I started using the game glitch you haven't been able to fix for years! Because I'm fed up with the lazy attitude of BHG devs not doing anything about glitch users. So I suggest everyone should start using those glitches in order to raise devs' attention to fix it. Furthermore, I had been duped by IronSource once more not getting my crown reward for an offer I completed. More than 3800 crowns still not received. I feel betrayed and disappointed and so I start using glitches as a means of fighting back. If BHG and IronSource continue to f**k over honest and legit players who actually spent lots of money on the game, I can't care less just doing the same. It is YOUR FAULT if you are UNABLE or NOT WILLING to fix those glitches in the game! So unblock my account immediately and give me the crowns IronSource owes me.

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    Seriously you cheated and want your account back on the some other people started it defence, glad your banned hope they take the other 300 players with you as for the $ you should have thought about that before you hacked


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      Honestly cheating is a choice, you either choose to or you choose not too. You chose to cheat and now you pay the piper. I'm glad they banned you as now you are paying for the inappropriate choices you have made.


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        Join us at Outcasts United. All ages welcome.


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          I had spent money and lots of time on the game and reported cheaters again and again. Nothing had ever been done about fixing that glitch. I lost resources and troops again and again because of cheaters. Devs and customer service never cared, nor did they offer compensation. I came to the conclusion that the best way to demonstrate their laziness and push this issue is to start using the glitch they haven't fixed for years. It's not my fault if the game has a glitch they don't fix. I played fair for almost 4 years and spent money to buy an extra house and the villa. And then I come across bases with buildings being upgraded all at once about 5-10 times per day. It's now so rampant that the game is ruined because devs don't fix it. So about 10 days ago I read about this glitch here on the forum and on Reddit. And I came to the conclusion that if devs don't care then I don't care as well anymore.

          And FYI, using a glitch is not hacking. A glitch is the devs' fault. And if they don't fix it which results in honest players suffering from it, then they should not be surprised if once honest players start using that glitch too to make up for the disadvantage they otherwise have to deal with. EVERYONE should start using those game glitches unless devs get up their butts and fix it. See, I'm just a pissed off player who had to deal with this sh*t for years. Devs never did anything to fix it. And so I don't care anymore as well. The game is ruined because devs don't fix the most urgent issues.

          If they are not willing to fix what is their own fault, they shouldn't punish players who basically simply demonstrate bugs in the game. Besides, none of those cheaters I had reported in the past ever got banned. If devs don't fix it, the game is unbalanced for honest players. To balance things out, everyone should use those glitches as long as devs are too lazy to fix it. But I suspect they don't want to. Because fixing this would be so damn easy, now that I saw how that glitch works myself. So why is this glitch still there after years?



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            You can sugar coat it how you like, once you decided to purposely use a glitch then it is no longer in the spirit of the game and hence a cheat.


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              Thanks for making me laugh this idiocy is too funny to make me upset with your artwork.


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                Sorry man, every thing you say could be understandable except you cheated. It nullifies your argument. And the suspension you got immediately after you cheated, also falsifies your argument that no action being taken against cheaters.


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                  Originally posted by Manifesto View Post
                  I encourage everyone to try this matrix glitch or whatever 'holes' are posted by concerned players.
                  l also hope for your sake that nexon isn't allowing these posts as a tracking or entrapment exercise for all the fish who bite.
                  Just please don't start new posts asking why were you banned. 😁
                  Well, l told you so. 🐠

                  ​​​​​​So funny! 😂
                  Sour grapes make whine.


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                    I'm with kloputzer on this one. I haven't exploited this glitch but I do understand what Kloputzer talking about. This glitch been about for at least 6 months and people have been complaining consistently with proof, hell there are full alliances out there that cheat on a mass scale yet nothing is being done about it.


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                      Originally posted by bouldersmash View Post
                      Sorry man, every thing you say could be understandable except you cheated. It nullifies your argument. And the suspension you got immediately after you cheated, also falsifies your argument that no action being taken against cheaters.
                      There is no real action taken. It doesn't falsify my statement just because there is this rare coincidence. I suppose it has rather to do with the fact that I claimed the crowns reward for completing an offer. Otherwise my account would have just been untouched like those other thousands of cheaters. Nice way to cop out fulfilling your promises. Why does BHG not ban IronSource from their game? It's obvious that they are a scam and refuse to pay out rewards by default. Basically you get an automated rejection if you claim the reward, no matter how detailed your proof is.

                      And still, as for the Matrix glitch, BHG does not fix. It could be fixed within a few days if you know anything about writing code. So I assume they do not want to fix it. Perhaps they want put pressure on honest players so they spend even more money on the game to keep up. There are whole alliances who consist of cheaters only. And yet they don't get banned.

                      It's so disappointing. Instead of fixing this they do stuff like removing 15 vs 15 wars - which basically took the remaining fun out of the game for many alliances. BHG releases lots of new stuff with each update, although it'd be a priority to fix old bugs first before using the players as guinea pigs for new stuff. Stable & free of bugs or glitches is what we players want before new updates are released.

                      I encourage every player to use the Matrix glitch so that devs become more aware of this problem and start doing something about it.


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                        ROFLOL. Kloputzer. You name it!
                        Bad Rabbits II ~ We Hop, You Drop ~ Adults Playing DomiNations


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                          We all know how to steal candy from a grocery store but don't do it. You stole candy. Don't steal candy.

                          Also don't tell others to steal candy because you got caught.

                          Nor can we justify stealing candy from a grocery store simply because we purchased bananas there last week.
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                            Chadwicke hey buddy, I read many comments of yours and agree with almost all of them. But this time I’m with kloputzer. Nexon seems to blame it all on players instead of on themselves and their developers. From a decent game developer I would expect to find the problem and to fix it, but instead they ban accounts and players for their own glitches in the game code while actual cheaters like “The Muslims/Swift/Garuda” are still in this game and nothing is done to them after using god mode and 5 star 3D CWA bases with their iron accounts etc.

                            The same way like some people got banned and were rolled back for using the museum glitch and they lost all their university/crowns/TT and everything else which were bought with real money. How is that fair to them? I understand if Nexon would just remove the museum/artifacts these players achieved from the bug (which Nexon did later on) but what about those who were rolled back to early Atomic with 0 of almost everything? All because of Nexon’s poor coding? How is that fair?

                            So yes, Nexon should start fixing their bugs first and stop blaming it on players using Nexon’s made bugs. If there someone that needs to be banned it’s their coders and developers who just unable to even release 1 update without adding additional 100 new bugs not even mentioning fixing the previous ones. (I see your comments after each update about many things not working as they should so I know you can agree with me on the last statement lol).

                            Btw, using Nexon’s made in game bugs is different from cheating imo (which includes hacking the source code etc) using bugs means taking advantage of built in “hidden features” in the game which came directly from the developers themselves.

                            P.S - just to be clear, I’m not supporting cheating or using bugs in any way. It’s just my honest opinion about the subject in general and Nexon’s treatment of their players instead of their developers.
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                            • Chadwicke
                              Chadwicke commented
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                              It is there for sure but what I see here is that I'd he is banned for using it then that means others a Soon to follow and by no means should anyone "test" or use this glitch as getting banned for one use or 1000 uses should be a life ban and I would like to see device bans , also when swift and gaurdi get gor I definitely have them on my visit list to drop into a bunch of classical age and 232 atomic bases and spam chat and leave

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                            And I am with SomeRandomPlayer in this case. No analogies could describe this madness better. I am very glad you get banned OP.
                            Nexon never encouraged you to exploit any cracks in the game, and you blamed them after they banned you?! So if you weren't banned you would continue your work?! Very wrong way to justify cheating. What a shame on you and everyone supporting you *thumbsdown*
                            Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


                            • VictorDominations
                              VictorDominations commented
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                              What a shame that you can’t see the bigger picture and the actual problem about the topic he posted. (Maybe you could if only you pulled out your head from your ***).

                              I’m sure he knows he shouldn’t have done that but the main problem remains because Nexon and one idiot which is you think that the solution for solving this problem is by banning players for using Nexon’s bugs instead of fixing the actual bugs themselves.

                              And wtf are you to judge other people who are not thinking like you and supporting him? Why is that a shame to point to actual problems which are Nexon’s developers and their lack of fixing bugs in this game for years and Nexon’s treatment to players?

                              You also should read the definition of cheating/hacking and the definition of exploiting bugs before you say to someone he cheated.

                              Hacking/cheating is exploiting and manipulating the source code of the game (not available for everyone) and exploiting bugs is using a built in code in the game which is available to everyone. To use it or not is up to you. Just like using some troops and not using some others.

                              If we (as a community) and Nexon don’t want people to use bugs the solution for that is not punishing players but fixing the dame code. And that’s what all this post is about. So that’s what we should demand from Nexon instead of shaming player x or y for using Nexon’s bugs which they are not willing to fix at this point for months/years.

                            • No Angel
                              No Angel commented
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                              ''I'm sure he knows he shouldn't have done that'',
                              quoted from you VictorDominations. That's enough said, he takes advantage of a glitch and has no rights to defend (even if he has paid some).
                              Everyone has been warned, not to exploit glitch, nor to cheat. So everyone has acknowledged the consequences. Getting banned is what they deserved. Stop justifying our rights to exploit the glitch, most games have it, and most games also will treat all of you similarly once you are caught on exploiting, unless you only play Dominations?! 😆
                              Don't get me wrong, I also want the glitch and bugs fixed. But it's a shame on everyone that has taken advantaged of it. Shame shame shame on everyone that has spoken to justify it.
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                            • Manifesto
                              Manifesto commented
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                              I think he shamed himself by announcing it. 😄