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Reduced Fragments from multiplayer war after update

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  • Reduced Fragments from multiplayer war after update

    For everybody’s information please see below CS response: They are yet to decide if it is an unannounced feature or a bug :-) ROFL!

    Hello there,
    This is YYY of DomiNations.

    What you’re seeing with your Fragments is not an isolated case, but rather something that has been reported by a number of players since our recent server update. It does appear that Fragments earned from battles are lesser after the server update.

    As this was an unannounced change to the game, we’ve taken the liberty of notifying our developers of the situation in case it was a mistake. If that proves to be the case, they will work towards preparing a fix to the problem and pushing the fix into the game. At that point, everyone affected, including yourself, will see the change in the amount of Fragments earned.

    In the event this proves to have been an intentional change, then no further updates will be seen. This may be the case if the Fragments was rebalanced to better match the time and effort to obtain certain resources, or if it was necessary to prepare for future content that will also grant Fragments. In either case, rest assured that the determination will affect all players and the game as a whole equally.

    Thank you again for taking the time to share this issue with us. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we continue to investigate this.


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    That’s actually one of the most reasonable CS responses I’ve seen


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      You didn’t mention what age your base is but I’m going to assume that you’re CWA. I posted about it as well. It’s not surprising that it happened but no they did not mention anything about it. It’s not surprising because now it’s the same as every other age where you can only attack one age down no longer being able to hit ga. The base lower always gave 11 fragments.


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        The other somewhat big change has been that Global bases no longer appear when searching for multiplayer attacks. This also makes sense, and matches other ages. (It's nice because finding garbage Atomic bases just got easier)


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          Confirmation that the changes are intentional and are preparation for space age. From Tin.