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Level 3 and 4 assult rally not working correctly

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  • Level 3 and 4 assult rally not working correctly

    It was said in a different thead than this would be the next update but this is not listed as somthsome the next update will address

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    At the beginning everything worked ok. Lewel 1,2,3 was ok. Unfortunately, after upgrading to level 4, Assault Rally stopped working. It looks like this: First, the units move in the indicated direction, if it is a building, they destroy it, if this place, they reach this point and stop. It's hard for me to describe it. See the movie, it shows well.


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      They announced some changes to Assault Rally in the Space Age update - something about increasing the speed boost, I think. Hopefully the other bugs will be fixed at the same time


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        That was a leader that that did that I want a response TinSoldier is the assult rally Level 4 going to be fixed on the update???? Because if the leader is t fix I'm done I have given over 30k now and space age will be another 10 so I want an Answer I'm not hogoi yo goxthr bug myself in the university , this needs fixed or I'm done with .The is my wallet