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    Why game does not support the screen in ipad pro 11?

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    +1, it's getting close to a year now since ipad 11" was introduced and still no native resolution support. Is there any technical reason for this? The letterboxed version looks a bit embarrassing.


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      Truth is they don’t give a crap, they’re only interest is to keep milking this cow as long as possible at minimum costs. Top lists are full of hacked bases, cheaters and alliances that uses hacks to win. Game has been going downhill ever since they’ve introduced hackers tool #1, the museum. My advise is you find another game to spend time and or money on.


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        This is just sad, still no ipad11 support. I’m not putting any more money into this game unless this gets fixed.

        Shame, decent game otherwise, but it really looks like they’re just milking it now with no maintenance investments whatsoever.

        Yeah, I probably should move elsewhere. Any recommendations?


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          Got a new ipad today, 11 inch pro as in this title. I was shocked, at first I thought it was a bug. It is the only game I play that doesnt have support. So disappointing. I am guessing more and more customers will have this experience as time goes on. Why cant it be fixed?
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