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the victory chest cooldown bug game

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  • the victory chest cooldown bug game

    satire: how high is your victory chest cooldown?
    post yours for glory!

    53 days.

    it does present an interesting metric to evaluate strength.

    yes, i reported it to customer service, and it's the top 'known bug'. the only way to avoid it is not to play.
    ... if i'm wrong, please kind moderator advise us what proper conduct is.
    for me it's literally fit-provoking to leave it blinking. the whole thing is anxiety-provoking; nobody wants to fear a ban and i do.
    i hope this will be fixed promptly, like the infiltrator bug.. and yes i hope i won't be penalized. not sure how else to play it though.
    please advise. i would do something else but this game has been effective medicine; i donwanna.

    what really confuses me is that nobody else is talking about this ... this hits everyone right?
    is anyone *not* getting frequent victory chests? is there anything i can do to stop it?

    CS has closed the ticket on the issue without advising me what to do; i expect they didn't know what to tell me.
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    If you're collecting more than once every 24 hours, you should hope they don't penalize you for taking advantage of a bug.
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      i wonder r how they will handle this. the fairest and easiest thing to do would be no bans, let people keep everything, but dont reset their timer. but then there will be people who have to go a few months without victory chests lol

      though that may not be bad if victory chest rewards were weakened in the near future, because nexon.
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        Lucky you, mine is only 8 days at the moment. And I'm still taking my rewards as I get them (every 3 battles) because I'm confident Nexon will NOT ban us for accepting the rewards.
        I'm not saying this as a Nexon employee, Blood , I'm saying this because it's the right thing to do, TinSoldier ?
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          Remember the stag ban ? 😁


          • Manifesto
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            Surely Nexon learns from their mistakes.

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          My timer is normal. It's probably only affecting players above 40 years old...
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          • shukra
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            i was wondering if this was everyone or not; i guess not. i wonder what tripped it for some.
            i'm over 40; you may be correct.

          • No Angel
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            Yall oldies should be happy receiving VC more frequently!

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          they have fixed this bug, and they have reset the timer.
          my 3rd account was ahead of the timer by a few days but now its at 21hours. a big win for those who took advantage of this as much as they can
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            i think we can learn some lessons from this bug ... first of all it was fun (removing it's anxiety from being illegitimate)

            the long-cooldown victory chest isn't really exciting, certainly not a motivator to fight for high medals because 'museum supplies' are rare.

            but how about we hypothesize a constant 'victory chest' that varies in how many stars you have to satisfy to activate it?
            like you pull a random victory chest of 15-100 stars to satisfy it, and have it always on as a game feature?
            more consistent feedback would be more motivating to fight for league status.
            of course the reward could vary by how many stars, and not be that huge ... i think everyone is happy with small speedups.
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