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War museum resetting

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  • War museum resetting

    I keep finding that I select items to use on war museum and then days later I will look and nothing is selected. I have to keep re selecting items all the time to make them active.
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    Droppinbottom Just checked my museum and looks like I have the same issues. War items are cleared. War hall is empty.
    Thx for pointing this out. Will check the war hall before every war now.
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      When you switch alliances your war hall gets empty. That is the whole story
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      • LordStark263AC
        LordStark263AC commented
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        Is that a fact or a guess?

      • Berend_War
        Berend_War commented
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        That can explain it for me Radzeer mainly happens on my Alt account that switches alliances a lot.
        Will keep it in mind thx for the info.

      • wrathchild_78
        wrathchild_78 commented
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        it is a fact. 100% sure