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Have you been denied crowns by Supersonicads?

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  • Have you been denied crowns by Supersonicads?

    I continually download apps and games from the Dominations offer wall, complete them fully, complying with each and every stipulation only to be denied over and over the reward crowns by Supersonicads. When I fill out the “missing crowns” form that only leads to two emails from Super usually taking over a week to finally deny that I have not completed the reward. I use to go to the Dominations support, and they would “look into” the issue and after a day or two, reward me the crowns. Now, nada. They are in complete cahoots with Super, denying, denying, denying any and every reward. Is this happening to anyone else?

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    This happened to me too, with Suprersonic/Ironsource. I sent a few mails back and forth, with screenshots as proof. They said they could not find any info on me completing the reward requirement in their system.

    This is their latest response:
    Brian (Offer Wall Customer Support)

    Nov 29, 14:38 IST

    Dear xxxxx

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We are sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with the decision regarding your ticket.

    Please note that offers' completions that are not approved by the advertiser, cannot be granted.

    Therefore, unfortunately, the issue cannot be resolved differently and this will be our final reply regarding this ticket.

    Please keep in mind that all our offers require you to be a first time installer of the app per your device and each offer can only be rewarded for once.


    Customer Support Team
    ironSource Offerwall
    They have not replied after I complained on their answer.


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      gopostal, why do you bother?
      You only have to look back at all the posts on this subject.
      Not worth the drama imo.
      Sour grapes make whine.


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        Hey Manifesto...maybe if enough of us *****, complain, riot, and stamp our feet, scream and shout, Nexon/Big Huge Games/ Supersonicads will actually listen.


        • Manifesto
          Manifesto commented
          Editing a comment
          I wish you luck, I really do.
          Then I might start trying some of the offers again.

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        Sometimes with these offers you have to make sure your account is linked to the game in order to receive the compensation. I’ve had a few I had to go into settings to link my account. Some are time sensitive. And if they’ve been downloaded to that device before then it won’t work


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          Love the game but the one frustration is Ironsource. Using Ironsource for the crown wall reflects very badly on this game. That company is a total fraud. I like the concept of giving something to their advertisers and getting game credit in return. It is too bad that Ironsource is either completely useless software that is not capable of verifying completion of the specified actions or is completely ripping off Nexon by not getting them credit for all of the actions their users have completed on their behalf.


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            Yes. Two players on our team were shafted by iron source. I escalated it but they simply stopped responding.
            Its a total scam. They’re ripping off players.


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              Yes, I have had that same, flustering issue. I just decided to not download any offers.
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