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Garuda Sakai - hacking way Into top 20 - 20 sec kills on 290 3D7 bases

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    this is crazy...totally crazy.... TinSoldier you always say that you take seriously these matters.
    Why in that case, players are left free to roam?


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      Apparently Tin can’t publish any details from the investigation....

      The reason is: There is no investigation.

      GARUDA Cheaters back in their alliance, as they don’t want to lose their hard-earned glory. I hope they get their medicine served one day...
      Cheaters can't attack


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        Two months later and this is still going on?
        Sour grapes make whine.


        • FrostMr
          FrostMr commented
          Editing a comment
          Can’t talk, busy with the nerf gun and becides the entire team is trying to work out how to position reverting tactics back to 1 space like they were before. You know we can’t admit we stuffed anything and need to be creative about it.

          Oh also don’t forget the teams flat out coming up with new troops/artifacts to purchase along with the new festive Marco (took the whole team 7 weeks to design that skin) and his new improved crown loot.

          Merry Christmas!!