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New bug, or what?

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  • New bug, or what?

    Today, while attacking with my secondary account, i noticed my army is going through walls. What is this? Never seen something like this before.
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    Ha ha...that was cool. Hope it happens in my next war attack. Also, maybe this should be a bug to be reported in the bug and issues section?
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      I get this too, even for the last few weeks, like my troops have become saboteurs!
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        I mentioned this last week or two weeks ago. Someone responded saying it happens, usually when knock back from a mortar moves them through a wall. I couldnt remember if that was what happened to me or if my guy just walked through it.


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          It happens and when it does I always feel sorry for the defender
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            Yes, this has been happening for ages, but lately there's been an increase. It's not always good, since I had a single machine gun that slipped inside an enclosed chamber (with no walls), and it got stuck there until it was able to break down a level 11 wall, which took ages.

            It happens mostly when attacking troops are close to a gate which opens to let enemy defenders out.

            Wow, your video suggests that the attacking troops do not think there is a wall there at all, which must be something different from what I'm talking about up above (I typed that in, and then watched the video, sorry). I wonder if this has something to do with the virtual debt ( thread where someone accidentally upgraded walls for cheaper than full price, and CS downgraded the wall. It certainly must have something to do with the latest update though, since it's been happening more frequently since.
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              Yeah, it happened to me too, to see troops jump the fence and remain blocked in some closed square. But this time they just ignored the walls completely. And not all of them, only the middle section.
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