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    Issue: Tactics Not Training While Offline
    Description: After completing a battle and setting up troops and tactics to retrain, I go offline. Even after several hours of being offline, when I log in again, I see that the War Academy is showing one or more tactics are still training.


    • Empire
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      Are the no.of tactics in excess of available tactics? This happened after the tactics nerf. Your tactics may be trained already and the extra tactics in queue.

    • tridemax
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      I can reproduce this with 3 tactics: Betrayal, Protect and 2 Decoys, which perfectly fit my 6 tactics capacity. Second Decoy will be always start to train ONLY when I'm logging in, even if 8-9 hours passed after logging out.

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    Anyone else experience an issue wherein your alliance wins a war but does not receive the glory points?


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      I question the purpose of the original post in this thread, when many of the updates are outdated, and some of the key problems are not listed.

      How about
      -Chat still broken (it is not fixed as listed in the post)
      -War weight glitch where some AA buildings count as 0 for weighting, causing max atomics to weigh as much as IA players in the matchmaking calculation (combined with sandbagging this is awful)
      -Alliance troops glitch on war map allowing extra troops to be donated to war bases
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        Time battle elapsed as tie breaker not work if two team get perfect stars. I dont see you put in common issue on patch 5.5.


        • Empire
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          This has happened to my alliance as well

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        Fix the chat, figure out your matchmaker and this cash cow might be worth playing for awhile longer. With this chat issue and horrible war stacking, this game sucks. The problem is that you are selling so many promotions and making so much money, you don't see the need to actually fix the game. Well, I for one have spent my last dollar on this app until I see something that addresses the game, not your pockets. Get it done Nexon.


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          Originally posted by eabrace View Post
          Issue: Tactics Not Training While Offline
          Description: After completing a battle and setting up troops and tactics to retrain, I go offline. Even after several hours of being offline, when I log in again, I see that the War Academy is showing one or more tactics are still training.
          I've had this issue as well, a few times over the last few months. At max my tactics should take just over 5 hrs. I can come back overnight, after 10-11 hours, and the tactics are only three-quarters done.


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            Stars for battles are not showing up in WW. This is a critical issue, and my alliance is probably going to stop wars until it's fixed. We're about to lose a war we'd otherwise win because of it (we'd win tiebreaker), along with 448 glory, which will take months to replace.

            As seen here:

            Someone needs to acknowledge this problem.


            • DomiNationsVigiles
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              Hi Festivus!

              Yes, this is indeed on our radar and is currently being investigated.

            • DUSTY1
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              I reported this in my last war. No reply from customer service one way or the other.

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            Issue: Generals not appearing in War lineup
            Description: My generals were showing active, but did not appear in the lineup

            I noticed at the last moment that only a Horse was shown in my donated troops even though cannons were donated. I went into quick battle mode to ditch the horse and turns out it was 2 cannons instead.

            My elephant mercs were dumped upon loading the war attack screen and I had to go and repurchase them.

            My generals were both active but didn't show during the war battle. After the battle they were active in my castle and ready to deploy.

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              Since the matchmaking has been "fixed", we got only top opponents, way more advanced than us, and we lost over 2000 glory. Please fix the matchmaking or revert it back the way it was before.


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                Issue: Training Blessing adds excessive time to training queue when it ends
                I reported this 30 July 2017


                I wrote: When the training blessing wears off, troops in progress have too much time to finish added back on. I was training artillery. My unit was 20 seconds from completion when the blessing expired. More than 11 minutes was added to the unit's training time. This seems excessive. I would have expected no more than 60-90 seconds would be added.

                Game Master Ceejay writes:
                Please note that this is a known one which we and the Development Team is actively sorting out; we'll be submitting your relevant data pertaining to this issue which will be submitted to the proper department that will help them to further investigate the matter. Necessary steps will be taken afterwards and resolution will come in due time. However, I cannot provide any specifics regarding on when will this be resolved.
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                  Our alliance just went from level 4 to level we are at a huge disadvantage in our current war.


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                    Issue: Unable to load / Network Connection Error
                    Description: Unable to fully load into the game or encountering a 'network connection' error.
                    Ongoing correction deployment -
                    If you are experiencing this issue, please contact Support with the following information:

                    I was hiring mercenary when the game suddenly crashed and gave network connection error. My internet was fine but the game wouldn't open. So one day later, i deleted the game and reinstalled it but after i said load my old game from game center, it got stucked in opening screen. I tried to turn off/on my phone but that wouldnt work either and Since it got stuck at tohe opening screen i cant learn my player ID from Settings . Because of that i cant contact Support, it requires player id! Is there any other way for learning my player id or contacting dominations support without it? It's been four days.


                    • TinSoldier
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                      There is!

                      Your player ID will appear in the upper left-hand corner during the loading screen (where you are stuck). If you don't have that, I do still encourage you to contact Customer Service with your base name, Alliance name, and the device you are playing on. You can reach them on the web here:

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                    I am getting SO SICK of game crashes during war attacks. It has happened to me TWO WARS IN A ROW. It's not my wifi - my wifi is perfectly fine. It is utterly ridiculous that we're 2 years into this and we're STILL having these issues. I spend money on troop cards and deals. Well, not anymore. I am not spending another penny on this crap until they get these disconnects fixed. War attack disconnects can cost our entire alliance wars, which can cost us hundreds of glory - which can take months to recover with the broken matching system.

                    No more money from me Nexon. I've had it.

                    ETA: I had just updated with the hotfix before the crash...


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                      Sorry to hear that you had a game crash during a war attack, Festivus. I had the same problem yesterday. We were fighting a tough war. My device and wifi are perfect. But, after deploying all my troops including 3 troop cards, mercs, generals everything my attack crashes about 30 seconds in. Was so frustrating as we lost the war because of that lost attack. So unfair.
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                        Issue: Tanks/Vehicles backing up to their designated range before shooting
                        Description: If you deploy vehicles too close to a building or they stray close to a building, they'll back up to their prescribed ''range'' and then shoot. If they stray too close to defensive towers it might be their last mistake.

                        I deployed Napoleon on a cleanup detail this morning and he reversed, almost into the forest, before shooting at a farm, because I deployed him right next to the farm.
                        TinSoldier , I've seen posts with this bug from March 2016, please do something.
                        In fact, many of the bugs in this section are also more than a year old from other posts!