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  • This is not annoying, so I never posted about it; but I think it's good to acknowledge. Every first attempt of login, it always says, ''You have joined Stilettos'' followed by ''Data error. Player ID *****''. Well I've been in my alliance for 6 months πŸ˜†
    Need to restart the game to make it normal login.
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    • Assault Rally damage level 4 doesnβ€˜t work. Level 4 tactics don't work. The troops slow down and sometimes stop for a few seconds.


      • yemen
        yemen commented
        Editing a comment
        If you see my thread, the "upgrade" to level 4 assault rally appears to have doubled the firing time. So while your troops run to the next target faster, they will then have to sit and wait for their next time to fire. For an RPG, that is a difference between 2s fire times and 4 seconds. For an MRL, that is 5 or 6 seconds up to 10 or 12, and would be insanely obvious.