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  • Known Game Issues

    6.2 Known Issues:

    Vault values showing a decreased amount after the update.
    Description: We had introduced a bug fix that would correct the way University and Library effects were stacked. This has reduced the amount of value you have currently stored in the Vault.
    Status: Testing a Fix

    6.0 Known Issues:

    We are seeing a small increase in game crashes
    Description: We are seeing some odd behavior in battle, which sometimes leads to a crash.
    Status: Fix being prepared

    Issue: Missile Silo: Info Window and Upgrade Window do not match.
    Description: The Missile Silo information window shows the damage per missile, while the upgrade window shows the Damage Per Second (DPS).
    Workaround: The Missile Silo fires once every ten seconds. Each Missile does ten times the DPS.
    Status: Fix being prepared

    Issue: The Eagle Warrior Troop Tactic is missing its historical text
    Description: The Eagle Warrior Troop Tactic (usable during World War after forming the Aztec Coalition) has a blank box where the historical text is missing at some levels. Eagle warriors were an elite order order Aztec army.
    Status: Fix being prepared

    Issue: Lag after deploying Decoys on some devices
    Description: On some devices, game latency is noticeable after dropping the Decoys Tactic. This happens most often when deployed in an active area.
    Status: Ongoing Investigation

    5.8 Known Issues:

    Issue: Using quotation marks in chat can prevent progress from being saved.
    Description: Typing quotation marks in the chat box, and then doing regular actions (such as training troops, beginning buildings, or hunting & gathering, etc...) may prevent the results of these actions from being seen the next time you log in.
    Workaround: For the time being, please avoid using quotation marks.
    Status: Investigating

    Issue: Chat disappearing after going to battle
    Description: For some Alliances nothing appears in the chat window after going to battle.
    Workaround: Closing and Re-opening your game temporarily fixed this.
    Status: Investigating

    Issue: Server is failing to find challenge base results.
    Description: Some players are unable to see the results of attacks made against their base during a Friendly Challenge,
    Status: Investigating

    5.7.5 known issues:

    Issue: 0 Oil is offered in some Victory Chests
    Description: Players in some of the lower Leagues (e.g. Silver) may see an offer for 0 Oil in their Victory Chest.
    Workaround: Please choose one of the other two rewards during this brief period until we can offer oil in the Victory Chest again.
    Status: Fixed

    Issue: Trap Blessing use is being counted even if less than 10% damage is done.
    Status: Fixed

    5.7 known issues:

    Issue: Alliance Experience Points (AXP) discrepancy gained during War, and shown after War
    Description: AXP values are being listed as different on separate screens. This is a visual bug, and does not prevent Alliances from earning AXP, leveling up, or accessing Alliance Perks.
    Status: Fixed

    Issue: Unable to place buildings in Layout Editor
    Description: While moving some buildings in the Layout Editor, (most noticeably Wonders and Walls) you may notice that you are unable to drop new buildings where the old buildings used to stand.
    Workaround: You can use the Remove button to pick up stubborn buildings which may clear up their space, but the best workaround is to ether A.) Save and re-enter the editor or B.) force close the game and chose to go back into base editing when you are prompted.
    Status: Fixed

    Issue: Push notifications are not appearing
    Description: New localization text was added for the 5.7 release, and it is preventing push notifications from appearing. These notifications will return when we have fully switched over to 5.7.
    Status: Fixed

    5.5 known issues:

    Issue: Chat disappearing after going to battle
    Description: For some Alliances nothing appears in the chat window after going to battle.
    Workaround: Closing and Re-opening your game temporarily fixed this.
    Status: Investigating

    Issue: Glory values are wildly varying
    Description: Alliances have noted that the expected Glory has changed with the new Matchmaking rules.
    Status: Fixed.

    Issue: Tactics can be trained over the limit
    Description: Some players have been able to train more Tactics than their cap should be allowed. For some, these tactics appear in the War Academy, and for a select few they can appear in their battle tray.
    Status: Fixed.

    Issue: Stars Missing in World War
    Description: After some attacks, players have reported that the stars they see when the battle completes do not match the stars shown on the War Report. This can affect both sides during a war.
    Status: Fixed.

    Issue: Atomic Age bases ranked lower during World War
    Description: Players have noticed that after upgrading certain buildings in Atomic Age, their base’s attack/defense ranking will drop below that of lower age bases. This is what causes Atomic Age bases to appear out of order during World War.
    Status: Fixed

    5.3 known issues:

    Issue: If a player's alliance is in a war, but they are an observer, the stronghold info win will crash
    Description: Tapping the (?) button on your Stronghold will result in a crash if you are an observer in World War

    Issue: Troop tactics missing after constructing the Stronghold
    Description: Some units might be missing

    Issue: No Diamond or National Trade Good after 5 Star Victory
    Description: After getting a 5 Star victory Players do not see a Diamond or National Trade Good on the Battle Result screen. This is a visual bug - upon returning home you will notice that you did receive these items!
    Status: Fix Scheduled

    5.1 known issues:

    Buying walls sometimes causes the player’s resources to go negative
    Description: In rare cases, not having enough food, gold, or citizens to buy walls causes the player to go negative
    Status: Fixed in hotfix released on 12/19

    Issue: Unable to upgrade gates with food unless you also have enough gold
    Description: If you have enough food but not enough gold you cannot upgrade gates
    Status: Fixed in hotfix released on 12/19

    5.0 known issues:

    Issue: Trap blessing sometimes doesn’t work.
    Description: Sometimes player return to their base and the trap blessing has not correctly reset their traps.
    Status: Fixed
    For the current release we have disabled purchases of the Trap Blessing, since it is nonfunctional. We will restore it in the coming release

    Issue: Base/Map Editor Crash
    Description: Some users may experience an app crash when trying to edit their base layout.
    Status: Investigating

    Issue: Long Alliance text appears garbled
    Description: If your Alliance name, motto, or description is too long, the text appears garbled. This is a visual bug only.
    Status: Fixed

    Issue: Asset Bundle Error
    Description: A small group of users are unable to download assets. This issue is exacerbated by playing on a poor network connection
    Status: Ongoing fix
    Workaround: Uninstalling and reinstalling DomiNations on a strong WiFi connection can sometimes fix this.

    Issue: Road Gold can be repeatedly collected
    Description: Tapping repeatedly on the “Collect Gold” button on your roads will repeatedly collect 0 gold and slows the game down.
    Status: Fixed

    4.7 known issues:

    Issue: Greek nation refund message triggers when upgrading to 4.7
    Description: The refund message triggers, but since the dock doesn’t cost anything it is 0 gold
    Status: Fixed

    Issue: iPhone 7 related crash
    Description: Game sometimes goes into a permanent sleep state when using the lock screen on iPhone7
    Status: Fixed
    Workaround: force close the app and reopen it if this occurs.

    Issue: Misleading Free text in the Expeditions General select window
    Description: When you have a General queued up in another expedition that hasn’t left yet, the button to pull that general into your current expedition says “Free”. Tapping this will take your other general out of the other expedition at not cost, but should say “Swap” instead of “Free”
    Status: Fixed

    4.6 Issues

    Command Post Saying Full when not
    Description: A bug that is saying war loot is full.

    4.5 Issues

    Issue: Citizen Error
    Bug where citizens on university research react adversely.
    Status: Fixed

    Issue: Generals shooting over walls.
    Description: Generals shooting over walls.

    Issue: Crash when tapping a button with no text
    Description: A bug that would cause the app to crash when a empty button was tapped.

    Ongoing From 4.1
    Issue: Coalitions appearing on War maps when no Coalitions have been obtained.
    Description: A visual bug is causing Coalitions to appear on War maps when none have been obtained, no bonus from that Coalition has been applied.

    Issue: Coalitions Disappearing
    Observers have their Coalitions disappear if they're online during a war completion.
    Status: Fixed

    Issue: Unable to load / Network Connection Error
    Description: Unable to fully load into the game or encountering a 'network connection' error.
    Ongoing correction deployment -
    If you are experiencing this issue, please contact Support with the following information:

    What is your player ID?

    What was the crash behavior?
    • Did your game close down without any warning?
    • Did you get a yellow spinner, and then a network disconnect popup?
    • Did you get a network disconnect with no pop up?
    • Did the game reload your village as if you just logged in?
    What were you doing when you crashed/disconnected? Please be specific (dropping troops in battle, collecting food from the farm, donating troops, etc.)

    If it was in battle, who were you attacking? (Screenshots are helpful)

    Approximately when did the crash/disconnect happen?

    Issue: Troop request messages causing crashes
    Description: Troop requests causing game to crash for players.

    Issue: Armory will sometimes not take into account your second higher level factory
    Description: This may prevent upgrading higher level factory troops
    Status: Fixed If you are experiencing this issue, please contact Support!

    Issue: Players unable to see their messages to Support on iOS
    Description: When submitting a ticket or response to Support, players on iOS are unable to see their messages to the Support team, but can see the replies from Support.
    Status: Fixed 6/6/16

    Issue: Players unable to see the button to send pictures to Support
    Description: When trying to submit a screenshot to Support, players are unable to see the button. It is still there, but invisible.
    Status: Fixed 6/6/16

    Issue: Tapping inventory screen causes crash
    Description: When tapping the inventory screen while it's empty, a crash occurs
    Status: Fixed

    Issue: Instant upgrade of the Alliance Gate causes Network Disconnect
    Description: When trying to do an instant upgrade on the Alliance Gate, the game will crash and restart (no loss of crowns).
    Status: Fixed

    Issue: Medals dropped when leaving battle before 30 seconds
    Description: When in a battle, if you leave before 30 seconds, you will lose medals even if troops are not dropped.
    Status: Fixed


    Issue: Replays causing the game to crash
    Description: We had an error on the backend which caused replays to be invalidated between 12:58pm EDT and 4:01pm EDT. We've since fixed the issue, however those replays will continue to cause the game to crash. We do apologize for this issue.
    Status: Fixed

    Issue: Players lose Medals disproportionate to their battle
    Description: Some players are seeing Medal losses out of line with what is expected in combat
    Status: Fixes ongoing We have implemented a fix in 4.1 that should prevent this issue for those who notice a loss after World War. If you see a loss occur after a regular PvP battle, please contact Support with the details.

    Issue: % Damage in WW results is inaccurate
    Description: The % damage done statistic in the WW results screens is sometimes inaccurate. Players are seeing more than 100% damage, or 100% damage for 3 star victories
    Status: Fix Scheduled

    Issue: Archers on the Castle in the empty slots (if you have more available Generals than active Generals) are invisible
    Description: If a player has fewer than the maximum number of Generals trained, Archers do not correctly appear on the Castle in the empty slots.
    Status: Fixed This has been fixed with the 4.1 release!

    Issue: Players do not get any, or partial World War Loot
    Description: Players receive partial or no loot after War
    Status: Fixes ongoing. Sometimes the indicator on your Command Post is missing. Please still attempt to retrieve your loot. If it is not there, please restart the app and look again in 5 minutes.

    Issue: Offensive and Defensive Troop donation does not match
    Description: Players are not seeing the correct number of troops to donate/receive in World War
    Status: Fixes ongoing. 4.0 fixes two scenarios: when the chat window is closed, the recipient receives an incorrect number of troops; additionally successful troop donation notifications only appeared if the player chat window is open. Please report any other instances of this issue to CS!

    Issue: Players get a black screen/cannot log in
    Description: Some players cannot log in/get a black screen upon loading the game
    Status: Fixes ongoing. Please contact CS so that we can fix your account.

    Issue: Players incorrectly lose attacks in World War
    Description: Player attack counts can sometimes be incorrect during World War.
    Status: Fixes ongoing. Please remember that there is NO Scouting in World War - if you click Attack, you are committed! Please report this to Customer Service with a screenshot so that we can track the severity and extent of this issue.

    Issue: Players cannot search for World War
    Description: Players queueing for War may see the error "Could not begin searching for World War at this time".
    Status: Fixed. Please report this to Customer Service with a screenshot so that we can track the severity and extent of this issue.

    Issue: Devices that are on the border of minimum requirements crash in World War
    Description: Devices that are marginally above the minimum requirements for running DomiNations may see worse performance in World War battles.
    Status: Fixes ongoing. We try our best to ensure that as many devices can support the game as possible; however, certain devices will inevitably fall behind. We are deeply sorry for any frustration this may cause to the users of these devices.
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    What about the Top Player Leaderboard?
    Blank page at the end of a League Season if you don't move up or down a league.
    Crashing to the home-screen when pressing 'Next Match' while searching in Multiplayer.

    Nice they fixed the archers on the castle though.


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      Nonsense! Before 2 updates crashes in PvP not there were hardly any . Now in almost every fight . Getting worse...


      • Texan
        Texan commented
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        You state fixed game not crashing anymore from tapping troop screen, that is still happening.

        Coalitins are still disappearing when had 3 loaded it only displayed 2.

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      I thought the war loot bug was fixed, but in my last world war I didn't get my loot.


      • #5
        Looks like there was an update today for iOS.. ETA or location for release notes?


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          How about fixing war replays? They do not exist. Still #1 issue.


          • #7
            Not able to start a war.. Please fix it.


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              Should really include the missing tactic glitch in this. Its been ongoing for months. Nothing like queueing up 6 tactics, and coming back 4 hours later to 3/6 poofed. Esp when they take so long to train. THis happens to me nearly every single day at least once.
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              • Technocrat
                Technocrat commented
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                And if you open a ticket on it, they want you to tell them when you last battled, how much you paid for the missing tactics (really?!) and then try to tell you that you really used it. This amounts to stealing, as I have often had to crown a tactic to squeeze in a war attack that was fully prepped.

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              I thought the "greater than 100% average destruction" exploit had been closed, but we are seeing it right now in our war. 125:125, but our opponent hit late in war for 108% and 102%, so they will "win" the war via average destruction (and cheating). Why has this not been fixed?


              • Quovatis
                Quovatis commented
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                The final score will be fixed, but the individual attacks may still show >100%. You will not lose.

              • Isrem Ovani
                Isrem Ovani commented
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                So higher than 100% is cut to 100 in the end sum? What about a 5 star attack that ended on the players screen witn 100% and then shows up with only 98% on the war map? We had that in our last war.
                Just cutting to 100 is no full fix!

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              I just did a battle and the game froze and I lost all troops and the battle. When I restarted the game, I noticed the game keeps freezing, regardless of where I go within the game. I am not losing my internet connection, and I get no connection error, it just freezes up. Is something going on tonight with the game; has anyone else had this happening tonight?

              Just chatted with my alliance, and the same thing is happening to others.

              I've quoted the above post under 'Crash crash crash'. My mistake for posting it here; apparently it is not a known issue to Nexon, but it is to many other players.
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              • Toryon
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                According to my talks with support "they are aware of that issue" or maybe they just give the same canned response to me over and over again. But I have the same issue, no more spinner disconnects but constant app crashes and phone freezing.

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              Map edit crash (unable to edit base layout) is going to be the new training time error bug. Will not be solved as it happens always only to a small group of players (only every second member in our alliance). Very unpleasant bug, as new buildings can't be placed on a WW map.
              Again great effort from the whole team - CS keeps promising, devs not doing anything. 2 months without a proper WW base.
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                I have the Brandenburg Gate, which gives me the blitzkreig tactic, but if I load the blitzkreig tactic the rest of my tactics are not on the list to use during war attacks. I have a lot of extra armies too, I scroll to the end, the blizkreig is always there, the other tactics are not, or sometimes one is there the rest are not. If there is a limit to the available spaces on that list, we should be told about it. Maybe the problem will resolve if I stop purchasing extra armies but I doubt the developers are likely to promote that particular fix. I write to the customer service. It seems that the customer service "people" are auto bots and the exact same responses are given over and over again with no actual resolution of any issue, ever. All of these unresolved coding issues make this game extremely frustrating to play. On the list of bugs and fixes, I have experienced most of these, along with my alliance members, and we are still experiencing glitches and problems that have been noted as "fixed". I don't see the tactics issue posted with regard to the blitzkreig tactic so I'm posting it. Considering switching to a different wonder because the blitzkreig is definitely not worth losing four other tactics. Also the not buying extra armies fix. I will see how that goes when I use up my inventory and have those slots empty.


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                  Why is the "supply trucks(healers) stalling in one place and not doing their job" not here? this occurred to me too many times. you drop the healers, then the next thing you know there are not from where you drop them and not supporting your troops


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                    Hello All, I have being playing this game for the longest time and I enjoy it much. Recently I changed my phone and when copied the game I had to start from scratch. But going back to my old phone to enjoy advanced level, I realized that I have been kicked out of the alliance and my alliance page is empty, meaning I cannot join any.
                    thanks Sam


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                      Issue: Base/Map Editor Crash
                      Description: Some users may experience an app crash when trying to edit their base layout.
                      Status: Investigating

                      Use Colombo, pls. It's taking too long - 3 months without the map editor. Customer Support keeps promising, nothing happens, are you serious?
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