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The Dawn of the DIGITAL AGE!

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  • The Dawn of the DIGITAL AGE!

    The Digital Age! v8.0 Update Notes
    v8.0 ‘The Digital Age’ update of DomiNations is coming soon!

    The Digital Age
    • Advance your civilization to the next age of history to acquire new troop and building upgrades!
    • Research four new techs at Library Level 14: Economic Prosperity, Reconnaissance Aircraft, Tactical Defenses, and Palisades
    • Employ the services of new Mercenaries! The Ethiopian Peacekeeper, and EE-T1 Osório can be hired at Mercenary Camp level 13
    • The Armored Ambush Trap will launch a surprise Assault Vehicle when triggered by invading troops
    • New Digital Age General Petra Herrera
    • Add 2 Citizens to your city with an additional House!
    New University Leader - Harriet Tubman
    • Spy on your enemies! Gain insight to your opponent’s Library, University, and Museum during World War.
    • Research her skill tree at the University to improve Trap upgrade time and cost, Road income and Town Center bonus, faster Expeditions and more.
    • Harness the power of her Capstone, Conductor, which allows Houses to spawn Riflemen on defense.
    New Airstrip Plane: Recon
    • Beginning at level 7, your Airstrip can train the Recon plane
    • When deployed, scans a target area causing enemy troops, buildings, and walls within the area to take bonus damage from all sources!
    VIP Bonuses (available after release)
    • The VIP system grants leaders powerful boosts and access to unique features, such as:
    • At level 1, players can unlock the exclusive General Björn Ironside, the viking raider
    • At level 3, players can unlock a free troop retrain
    • Plus get access to additional boosts for your base and access to the VIP Store!
    Balance Changes
    • Digital Age players will be able to attack Space Age and Cold War Age bases. Space Age bases will be able to attack Digital Age and Cold War Age bases.
    • Bastion rubble slow radius set to 2 at all levels. Bastion hitpoints increased by 15% at every level.
    • Assault Rally duration set to 4 seconds at all levels. Attack Speed removed at all levels. Damage increased by 30% at levels 1, 2, and 3, and increased by 50% at level 4.
    • Heavy Tank hitpoints increased by 25% at all levels when spawned from the Bunker on defense.
    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    Minor art fixes
    Minor text edits
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    Anyone else think this will kill the game off in a few months?


    • duckfromhell
      duckfromhell commented
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      Nope cause ppl say that after each and every update and the game still didnt die.....but i do agree that since atomic age, i find the game less and less interesting cause its just more of the same and very little interesting new stuff...i am in space age now and i am getting kinda sick of upgrading the same stuff for 14 days over and over again...
      Till cw i could use my regular army, so i never bothered to upgrade ht for example, only to find out that in cw and space age, there is no use for your regular army since its too weak, so i had to upgrade my factory 4 times and ht tank 12 times! Only to be able to do succesfull attacks in space age...redicolous cause my whole army is/was fully upgraded but of no use...

    • Txavi8or
      Txavi8or commented
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      I totally agree. They have been pushing for in-game sales so much lately they have forgotten what they are supposed to be doing. I am level 262 and a daily player. Getting to 285 will take a year. This is a poor decision. At this point, I can't upgrade several units. I'm ready to sell my army and move on.

    • Scuba
      Scuba commented
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      From what I’ve seen in the last week my money is on me 😉

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    No big deal BHG, too much hot air in advance, not worth to speed up or crown anything.
    Last edited by domas; 11-06-2019, 08:27 AM.


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      The spy thing will just lead to everybody reporting each other for having museums that are "too good." And why nerf AR even further?


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        Well, we got an additional house. Now I can have as many as Bernie Sanders!!!

        It'd be nice to see a Barracks upgrade to get more troops though. Haven't got any since Atomic Age. I suppose the extra defenses are going to make this tough to hit bases now, especially with Atomic ot of the question. So yeah, why nerf AR even more? Smh.


        • #6
          Bulls*#t update.

          Assault Rally nefr - unnecessary.
          Heavy Tank hitpoints - unnecessary.
          New General capstone - unnecessary (more Defenders).
          Bastion buff - unnecessary.
          Minor art fixes - laughably unnecessary.

          No word on Bastion glitch when creating a new layout. Nothing on level 3 alliance perk, which been missing for about half a year now.
          Nothing on Crash bases.
          Matchmaking is still far from perfect.

          I wonder when all those bugs will be fixed. Probably never, the way you guys release updates without actually fixing anything.

          Lord Stark leader of Dragonstone 1.0


          • #7
            Even if I say it twice: again we have no time schedule on the update, again wars will be crash due to early bugs, again no one can plan anything.

            And only cause a couple of overestimating themselves developers and community managers are thinking they are doing a great job and working hard.


            • #8
              What are you going to change the Sally Ride AR speed increase to since you’re removing that function? Will cwa be able to attack DA?


              • BHG_Muet
                BHG_Muet commented
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                Sally Ride increases the movement speed of troops under the effects of AR. So her skill shouldn't be impacted by the removal of the attack speed buff that Assault Rally was providing.

              • Chadwicke
                Chadwicke commented
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                Doesn't change that you can't kill zhuklov now

              • domas
                domas commented
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                „Shouldn’t „ BHG_Muet , you don’t know, sure?

            • #9
              So now it's clear what that VIP access was for. Yet another money grab scheme, this game start to resemble Mobile Strike and clones now, more sales crap on screen than actual game. Actually this game is worse, Mobile Strike at least had functioning chat.


              • #10
                You don't play the game that is clear without assult rally as it is zhuklov is not possible to kill you have now killed the game , great work BHG_Muet your a fool .


                • domas
                  domas commented
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                  You can kill Zhukov with HT also, but all other things you said I agree.

              • #11
                Me thoughts on DA

                New trap, new Gen - Nice
                another house - Nice
                New university leader - Nice, especialy the spy funktion. Something the communtity asked very long for.
                New plane - in general nice, time will show whether this plane fits into the game
                VIP-Bonuses - not sure, nice if it rewards players for playing. If you have to buy it every week/month/... bad
                Bastion changes - nice, they were too strong in my opinion
                AR changes - quite unnecessary, I dont think I will use it anymore
                HT changes - not sure they were necessary but I´ll take it

                All in all I´m quite happy with it.
                But still it is too early to release a new age. For me it will take at minimum a year to reach DA. There were no need too release it that early at least from players side. Especially as you (Muet) said you will slow down the age releases.

                TinSoldier could you tell us with which age the new uni leader is beginning?


                • #12
                  From a economic point of view it is logical. They are killing many options to get QV, therefore people have motivation to increase QV time. A few marketing and sales people may think this is an reason for everybody to buy that weird priced Leonardo bust. Well, they have lost their minds, but who cares about. I am sure there are many institutions for mental health in the Maryland area.


                  • Quagmire
                    Quagmire commented
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                    Does anyone still working for BHG remember the excitement & anticipation of the release of Industrial Age back in July 2015? This is more like Terminator: Dark Fate. A quick money grab based on what was once great. But is now just a shadow of its former self, so is milking the nostalgia for all it's worth. Your fan base deserved better. 😢

                • #13
                  Why has Pete Herrera been made a General (MisterLaxx)? What about other YouTubers?


                • #14
                  Quick update on the Bastion change. This change is intended to be a lateral adjustment that aims to address some of the frustrations around the increasing slow radius Bastions previously had. In order to standardize their slow radius at the higher levels we had to give a little back in order for the change to not be an outright nerf.


                  • Chadwicke
                    Chadwicke commented
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                    You do understand that assult rally dead is the same thing right?? You have killed the game

                • #15
                  What a stupid joke this is they need a place on forum to sell our maxed accounts some noob who doesn't understand the game would pay good money