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Space Rush (11/4 - 11/11/19)

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  • Space Rush (11/4 - 11/11/19)

    Advance through the ages while Space Age upgrades to troops and buildings are 25% cheaper!
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    Buildings and Troops discounted for the Space Age Rush (11/4 - 11/11):

    Town Center: Age Up from Cold War Age into Space Age instantly from 15:00 UTC 11/4 until 15:00 UTC 11/11!

    Air Defense: level 7
    Airstrip: level 6
    Anti-Tank Gun: level 9
    Armory: level 12
    Barracks: level 11
    Bastion: level 5
    Bunker: level 6
    Caravan: level 21 & 22
    Factory: level 10 & 11
    Farm: level 21 & 22
    Fort: level 8
    Garrison: level 12
    Gate: level 18
    Library: level 13
    Machine Gun (Redoubt): level 7
    Market: level 15
    Mercenary Camp: level 12
    Mill: level 15
    Missile Silo: level 6
    Mortar (Catapult): level 10
    Oil Refinery: level 7
    Oil Well: level 9 & 10
    Road: level 11
    Sniper Tower: level 9 & 10
    Storehouse: level 11
    Stronghold: level 6
    Tank Depot: level 13
    Tower: level 13
    University: level 8
    Vault: level 8
    Wall: level 18

    Ambush Trap: level 9
    Barbed Wire: level 11
    Landmine: level 13 & 14
    S.A.M. Battery: level 8

    Expert Infantry (soldier level 13)
    Elite Rifleman (archer level 12)
    Valiant Motorcycle Raider (Raider level 11)
    MBT Mk3 (Cavalry level 11)
    Valiant Combat Engineer (Wall Miner level 9)
    Elite Artillery (Ranged Siege level 8)
    Veteran Supply Convoy (Supply Wagon level 8)
    Valiant Field Mortar (Light Siege level 7)
    Elite Attack Helicopter (Attack Helicopter level 3)
    Heavy Assault Vehicle (Assault Vehicle level 2)
    Expert Machine Gun, Honored Machine Gun (Machine Gun level 9 & 10)
    Strategic Infiltrator, Honored Infiltrator (Commando level 9 & 10)
    Heavy Tank Mk8 - Mk9 (Heavy Tank level 8 & 9)
    Veteran RPG, Honored RPG (Bazooka level 7 & 8)
    Armored Car Mk7 - Mk8 (Armored Car level 7 & 8)
    APC Mk5 - Mk6 (APC level 5 & 6)
    Veteran Tactical Helicopter, Honored Tactical Helicopter (Tactical Helicopter level 4 & 5)
    MRL Mk3 - Mk4 (MRL level 3 & 4)
    Veteran Fighter Mk1 - Mk6 (Fighter level 25 – 30)
    Supersonic Bomber Mk1 - Mk6 (Bomber level 25 - 30)
    Strategic Transport Mk1 – Mk6 (Transport level 19 - 24)

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  • #2
    I can't see these discounts working. Only University has a discounted price. Other buildings have normal price.


    • #3
      TinSoldier BHG_Muet. The spacial buildings and troop upgrades are longer than 1 week, could you extend to 2 week the event ?


      • #4
        And why only 25%? Previous ages got double that, why are space age players at a disadvantage?


        • #5
          Originally posted by sponge View Post
          And why only 25%? Previous ages got double that, why are space age players at a disadvantage?
          Because, they will be the future bases for farming to the DA players


          • #6
            Any more news on DA release date, or Gold requirements? 💰💰💰


            • #7
              Only 25%?!?!? What is you problem Nexon!? I feel ripped off

              I'm a member of the GTD Alliance. Come and join us, we're looking for members who are willing and able to fight in wars.


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                So much for the digital age announcement...


                • #9
                  Just be glad there was some discount. Something is always better than nothing.


                  • Cryos
                    Cryos commented
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                    I think that's an unhealthy attitude, need I remind you about the Canvas Bag of Fallout 76?

                    Gratned Nexon never promised a 50% discount but they way the set things up they set up expectations then pulled the rug out from under us.

                  • King Crimson
                    King Crimson commented
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                    Cryos I'm accepting that I'm getting something and moving on. You're choosing to get angry at something that's out of your reach.
                    Which one of us has the healthier mindset? But feel free to keep chasing your tail and one day you might catch it.

                    PS: from memory, in the previous 'rush ages' events, the latest age always received less discount than earlier ages. So the precedent has been set.
                    Last edited by King Crimson; 11-04-2019, 07:02 PM.

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                  I am Space age and do not need any discount to get the needed amount for ug easily, even for oil. It’s one hour raiding to get all depots full max if needed. Therefore I don’t care about this rush event anyway, required time and workers are still the same. But as BHG people only playing industrial and global accounts they don’t know how it is to be space age with maxed offense.