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Six Momentous Years: 1939-1945 v7.4 Update

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  • Six Momentous Years: 1939-1945 v7.4 Update

    v7.4 ‘Six Momentous Years: 1939-1945’ update of DomiNations is coming soon!

    Improved Events!
    • Play through the greatest moments in history as you complete a wide variety of Goals to earn exciting rewards
    • New Goals will be added each day throughout the event. Unlock rewards by completing these goals!
    • Earn great prizes as you compete for your place on the Event Leaderboards
    • Unlock additional rewards with the Event Pass!
    Space Age Building Upgrades
    • Air Defense can now be upgraded to level 8.
    • Missile Silo can now be upgraded to level 7. (Available shortly after release.)
    • Shipyard can now be upgraded to level 11.
    • Rocket Arsenal can now be upgraded to level 2.
    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Corrected the War weight values of Space Age buildings. This will improve matchmaking where Space Age bases are involved.
    • Minor art fixes
    • Minor text edits
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    Twitter: @BigHugeGames

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    I hope we get some new dock troops with the shipyard upgrade. Global/Atomic troops aren't quite cutting it in space age.


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      So nothing is going to change wars still jacked up, more bugs than you know how to fix oh yes not one mention about all the cheaters you allow. An update is meant to fix things or just simply make the game better but you guys have lost sight of this.


      • Wicked Lord
        Wicked Lord commented
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        Well, they correct the war weight bug, I believe matchmaking will improve quite a bit. Also the new event system sounds pretty interesting.
        Give credit were credit is due.

      • Rachel
        Rachel commented
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        You must be new to this game all they do is jack **** up

      • Wicked Lord
        Wicked Lord commented
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        Rachel no I´m not new to this game. I think the developers did a good job, I´m happy to play the domi from today and not the domi from 2 years ago. Of course bugs and cheaters are annoying but overall, IMHO the game is more tactical, complex and customisable, more fun to play than ever before.

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      TinSoldier can you please post the ports and rewards from the upgraded dock?


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        Can we get a new wall level in the next update please?
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          i was excited when they announced the lvl 10 dock, but then they put old global age japanese fighters in cold war era russian taiwanese and jamaican ports. not excited about lvl 11 dock announcement.

          and old events were often impossible for high age high medals. i wonder if new events would be different
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            Fix for space age weight bug is good, otherwise lukewarm update.

            You know something is up with a dev team or a game when the greatest excitement of an update announcement is a bug fix that's been due for almost half a year... (and another one, alliance perk 3, still not fixed)
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              For the last several updates people have asked every time to get an schedule when the update will be carried out. Usually some issues coming up every time and people have trouble during time, even a few hours before war ends. Every time ...

              This update should fix the war weight issue and will have big influence on searches.

              Therefore can you pls deal with that and tell us which date you have planned to carry out your update. I am pretty sure you know it already.




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                So.... No Space Age alliance gate upgrade huh? 🤔

                As wrathchild_78 mentioned in LINE group, "you must've forgot to add it to the list" 🙄

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                  Can we have an answer to this most important question:

                  "Will the reqs to finish an event tier (or the whole event) be more reasonable for higher ages (cwa+sa)?"

                  I would really appreciate an honest answer.

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                  If the bastion bug in editor isn't fixed in this update, nor the -3 donated troops for war base TC then... hang your heads in shame. It will be beyond embarrassing.
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                    What about fixing crashes during war attacks ?
                    And where is announcement about fixing performance issue some of us have found with last updates?
                    Playing this game is not fun any longer.


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                      No fix for the current performance issues? It now impacts our top player who is attacking Space Age bases...the game lags and freezes.


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                        No info about the schedule? But you are announcing a live stream?


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                          No game is perfect and I dont understand why people complain about bugs to Tinsoldier. He's the Community Manager. Not the Game developer. This is the wrong forum to complain. If you guys are so hell bent on fixing the game go straight to the source of the problem.

                          I personally like this update update, but a release date would be nice.


                          • wrathchild_78
                            wrathchild_78 commented
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                            and what would you suggest we do? Tinsoldier is the middleman. He listens to us, he filters the most important through our messages and delegates to the dev team. Why do you believe we are wrong?

                            And just because no game is perfect, that means we must let annoying bugs,,,,eh...annoy us for months and years?? I dont get your logic

                            And YES, we are hell bent on fixing the game cause we love it and have gained tremendous hours of joy out of it. We would like to see it in a better state. Does that bother you?