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WWII: Battle of Britain

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  • TinSoldier
    started a topic WWII: Battle of Britain

    WWII: Battle of Britain

    Air Battles!
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    After overcoming French forces in 1940, Germany turned its eyes to Britain and began Operation Sea Lion to take over the isles. The Battle of Britain, as it was eventually called, was the first significant air battle fought in the war. The Battle of Britain event in DomiNations will feature boosts to air forces and wall miners.

    Event lasts from 14:00 UTC 9/10 until 14:00 UTC 9/19.

    This event features the following boosts:
    • 25% more Transport health
    • 25% more Transport Paratrooper damage and fire rate
    • 50% more Wall Miner movement speed

    On June 17th, 1940, the defeated French signed an armistice and exited World War II. Britain stood alone in opposition to Germany’s military forces that had claimed victory over most of Western Europe in less than two months. However, Germany didn’t have the resources necessary to battle Britain on the ground or at sea unless they were able to take control of the air above Britain. So, The Battle of Britain would become the first battle in history fought entirely in the air. Britain’s success relied on the Royal Air Force Fighter Command’s ability to nullify the efforts of the German Luftwaffe. In September 1940, the Luftwaffe began massive aerial attacks on London. The German attacks were successful at first, but on September 15th, the German offensive failed and sustained heavy losses when their bomber crews were met with large numbers of British fighters. Germany sustained such heavy losses that they indefinitely postponed landing on the British Isles. The Battle of Britain was one of Great Britain’s most significant accomplishments during World War II.

  • pckrn
    shouldn’t battle of britain buff fighters? and maybe a d-day event later for paratroopers. just sayin

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