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The Republic of the Philippines v7.3 Update

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  • The Republic of the Philippines v7.3 Update

    v7.3 ‘Republic of the Philippines’ update of DomiNations is available now!

    Troop Tray Improvements
    • The troop tray has been slightly reorganized to make deployment of troops more fluid.
    • The new troop order is: Rally/Big Red Button/Wonders/Multi-Deploy Air Troops/Troop Tactics/Army units/Generals/Mercenaries/War Tactics/Alliance/Coalitions
    • The troop tray no longer scrolls past the last troop.
    New Coalition: Filipinos [available shortly after launch]
    • First available from the level 7 Embassy, this Coalition will deploy the MD 500 Defender helicopter on defense during World War battles!
    • When formed, this Coalition grants increased General health and reduces damage from invading Airstrip troops.
    • Upgrade your Embassy to level 7 and all of your Coalitions to level 8!
    Space Age Building Upgrades
    • The Stronghold can now be upgraded to level 6.
    • Sniper Towers can now be upgraded to level 10.
    • Spike Traps can now be upgraded to level 14.
    • The Factory can now be upgraded to level 11, unlocking a new level of the Machine Gun, Commando, Heavy Tank, Bazooka, Armored Car, APC, Tactical Helicopter, and MRL.
    • Expand your Gold income with the addition of more roads. Now with a max of 120 in the Space Age.
    Balance Changes
    • Dock rewards have been rebalanced and updated across many levels.
    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Minor art fixes
    • Minor text edits
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    ok ok let me breath!!

    1. Bug Fixes...which ones? they are many from previous updates. Can we have a more specific list?
    2. More specific about Dock? This is a much anticipated rebalance!! Hope it will be as all players dreamed of....
    3. More troops...yeah!!! SA will have a much clearer advantage now
    4. Troop tray!! YES YES YES A minor edit if that is possible. Consider changing War tactics at the front of the line, right after Wonders.
    5. New COA.....Fighter Damage will be a must now at the museum!! Reroll guys!
    6. stronghold level 6. What new will it bring? more troop cards allowed per battle or more in defense?Or nothing? Just more damage?
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    • King Crimson
      King Crimson commented
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      More troops for SA? Where?
      Also, in what game is wonder tactics more important than troops? Troops are the first thing we drop so it should be ahead of the wonder tactics.

    • ademirk
      ademirk commented
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      Kratos, the alliance perk 3 bug is not listed on "bug and fixes" so, I think they don't plan to fix it, or the less 3 troop donations on war was designed.

    • {[Fresh]}Kratos
      {[Fresh]}Kratos commented
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      It can't have been designed because it used to be the same number for offense and defense, before the matchmaking overhaul got it bugged. (for a while it was also bugged for offense, but that somehow got fixed)

      They definitely intend to fix it because Tin said he's pushing the team on it, but it seems it is just so far down the priorities list (because what we need is new pay to win troop tactics every week instead...) it takes half a year for such a simple thing to be fixed...

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    Overall it´s a nice update I think.

    Two questions about the new coalition
    - Does it boost the generals in defence or in offence or both?
    - Do paratroopers belong to the airstrip units? If I remember correctly they were buffed by other coalitions, hence count already as factory or barrack troops.


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      Wicked Lord

      Originally posted by TinSoldier View Post
      [*]First available from the level 7 Embassy, this Coalition will deploy the MD 500 Defender helicopter on defense during World War battles![*][B]When formed, this Coalition grants increased General health and reduces damage from invading Airstrip troops.[/LIST]
      Look at MD 500 Helicopter, its on defense. My guess is, its the same thing with Generals.

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        No fix for the Performance on iOS? I am not playing the game since 2 months anymore


        • #6
          Can we get a screen shot of the new tray?
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          • #7
            More crap to make the game worse , feel bad for the cheaters that would have to spend extra time in the matrix getting more free cards precious seconds you will never get back


            • #8
              i like that expeditions will be changed. hopefully the russian taiwanese and jamaican ports will feature things that feel russian taiwanese and jamaican

              i dont like that troop tactics will come before regular troops and tactics.
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                We all ready have 120 roads. So how many more roads are we getting?


                • King Crimson
                  King Crimson commented
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                  It should be 130 roads. A friend in SA got an extra 10. (120>130)

              • #10
                The troop tactics coming before any of the things you can actually build says a lot without saying a word.


                • {[Fresh]}Kratos
                  {[Fresh]}Kratos commented
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                  My thoughts exactly

                • Althalus
                  Althalus commented
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                  I’m hoping it’s a typo and they’ve got troop tactics and war tactics the wrong way around. Slim hope I know...

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                Hi tin, can you please provide few details about the changes.
                1. How many national trade goods required for level 8 coalitions.
                2. Does stronghold upgrade increases troop tactic space.
                3. Does this " reduces damage from invading Airstrip troops" of Filipino coalitions effect on paratroopers?
                thanks in advance


                • #12
                  Looks good but can you tell us a bit more about the new bugs you'll be introducing with this update?


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                    Most games when launching their expansion or new feature, they will try to bring their new player to join in these new features as well. But this won´t happen in Domination, new player will be left dead (a.k.a quit) in older age. Even paid player still struggle to go to Atomic Age. Only old player, some month/ a year of paid player, or a whale can go to CWA/ SA. And this is not good.

                    We need more new player join in the Atomic and CWA, with decent defense and good attack. Especially in war.

                    So, I propose:
                    - cut 50% upgrade time for building using gold
                    - cut 33% upgrade time for building using food

                    Old player and paid player will still have advantage in University, Armory, and building using Oil.

                    I´m an old player, 3+ year, but I don´t mind new player getting this advantage. It´s better then Domination dying because no new player in later age.


                    • Bootney Lee Fonsworth
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                      Makes sense, however any sort of massive and logical reduction in time, for anything, is a nonstarter with these people. They seem to be under the impression that their meager allotment of speedups is good enough. Nevermind that all the speedups I've ever received since they were introduced may tally up to four weeks in total. In other words, about 2 atomic upgrades worth.

                      I've honestly never seen a gaming studio so pigheaded. Not just about this but matchmaking, chat, bug fixes, communication in general with the player base. There's a very solid base game here but their stubborn and inexplicable lack of attention to the details keeps it from being so much more.

                    • King Crimson
                      King Crimson commented
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                      Agree with Bootney Lee Fonsworth about the stupidity of this company. Yet another defensive update but little boost to troops in general except oil heavy troops.

                  • #14
                    It's beating a dead horse but allowing us to buy one hour speedups, or better yet, speedup chests with the 5 minute ones removed, with gold/food/oil would really mitigate a lot of this game's mid-to-late game issues. Though honestly most of the new players that pop into my alliance rarely make it to gunpowder age anymore, so I'm not even sure a reduction in the tedium that begins in industrial age would help expand the player base. They honestly seem to have zero interest in growing the game and only seem interested in milking the few whales left. The new factory, coalition and defensive building levels will undoubtedly provide a nice boost to the end of month financials, but then what?
                    Last edited by Bootney Lee Fonsworth; 07-29-2019, 06:48 PM.


                    • King Crimson
                      King Crimson commented
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                      Yes everything designed to make defense easy but this is an attacking game. Something like an instant retrain every 2 or 3 hrs would be a nice attacking boost. It would also give them an income boost, wouldn't it?

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                    need a fix for performance issues on both IOS and Android. game is very unplayable on many devices.