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  • Nelson Mandela Event!

    This weekend is our Nelson Mandela Event! Enjoy these discounts for a limited time! (Event lasts from 14:00 UTC 7/5 until 14:00 UTC 7/8.)
    • 25% off: Factory, Oil Refinery, and Oil Well building upgrades!
    • 1 fewer citizen: Storehouse upgrades!
    • 33% off: Commando, Fighter, and Heavy Tank troop upgrades!
    • 33% off: Betrayal upgrades!

    Born in South Africa in 1918, Nelson Mandela was the first person in his family to receive a formal education, though even as a young man he got in trouble for protesting university policies. While studying law in Johannesburg, Mandela joined the African National Congress, a political group dedicated to ending South Africa’s oppressive Apartheid system. For his role in fighting Apartheid, Mandela was arrested and jailed for 27 years, 18 of them in the brutal Robben Island Prison. Four years after his release from prison Mandela was elected President of South Africa and Apartheid had been abolished. Nelson Mandela died in 2013 a global icon of tolerance and democracy.
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