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Augustus Caesar Event!

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  • Augustus Caesar Event!

    This weekend is our Augustus Caesar Event! Enjoy these discounts for a limited time!

    Event lasts from 14:00 UTC 6/14 until 14:00 UTC 6/17.

    • 25% off: Walls, Gates, Redoubts, and Stables upgrades!
    • 33% off: Raider and Mortar troop upgrades!
    • 33% off: Nobunaga and Napoleon Generals upgrades!

    Born Octavian Caesar, Augustus was 19 years old when his adoptive father, Gaius Julius Caesar, was assassinated in Rome. Rather than go into hiding, Augustus seized the initiative and began amassing political and military power. By the time he was 36 Augustus had eliminated his rivals and become Imperator, the sole ruler of Rome. As Imperator Augustus reformed the Roman government and brought peace and prosperity to its people. At the time of his death in 14 CE, Rome had completely changed from republic to empire!
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