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  • Military Science Event!

    First used in medieval China, gunpowder weapons changed the face of war forever. Seize the advantage over your enemies during this limited time discount event!

    Event lasts from 14:00 UTC 5/31 until 14:00 UTC 6/3.
    • 25% off: Vault, Museum, and Embassy building upgrades!
    • 25% off: Clearing Forest Expansions!
    • 33% off: All War Tactic upgrades!

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    Twitter: @BigHugeGames

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    But for god’s sake stop this ridiculoussness and start removing all cheaters instead. That’s a better investment off your precious time. If that is still impossible at least give us an event that gives us extra workers for a limited time or shorter upgrades. I have never experienced a company that so completely ignores their customers wishes as Nexon


    • TinSoldier
      TinSoldier commented
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      We investigate every suspicion and take action in every case of cheating. Please reach out to our CS team and they can ensure this investigation takes place.


    • Bootney Lee Fonsworth
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      Hohoho. This guy's a laugh riot. You may investigate every instance of cheating, though mounds of evidence suggest otherwise, the problem being that you investigate every instance....individually. It's like keeping a swarm of locusts off your crops with a fly swatter. Not to mention, you guys apparently do nothing without the players having to file dozens of reports through your ridiculous CS process first.

      You could probably stand to have a direct 'Report Base' button, now human nature says that'll be abused by the disgruntled so you'll have to have some 'Cry Wolf' system in place to filter it. Most importantly though you people need to be more proactive. How hard is it to create a program that detects when people are upgrading 15 things at once, for example? Or, in the case of our super lvl 361 guy, have way more buildings than allowed?

      This is this studio's only active game. While I'm sure there are many irons in the fire up there in Baltimore the grossly negligent management of your ONE ACTIVE GAME is laughable.

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    Originally posted by TinSoldier View Post
    • 33% off: All War Tactic upgrades!
    AR not discounted
    Victory Chest & League Boat Rewards

    Expedition General Bonus Rewards


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      No discount on Clearing Forest either. I did notice that it was discounted at the start of this event, has it ended early?

      Infact it has ended yesterday oops.
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