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    This thread got off track so let's fix that.

    Likely the reasoning for twitter/facebook only receiving the information is to increase social media exposure (get more followers there) as opposed to here. But, that's speculation. My conspiracy hat also says twitter lacks information sometimes as they want more facebook users (they are more valuable) as twitter character limits could easily be worked around but aren't.

    Ignoring that for now, what is needed:
    * Have a user post the details here ASAP (immediately after facebook/twitter announcements)
    * For times twitter lacks enough information, have a facebook user post the information here

    Twitter is easy to find (public, no login required, anonymous) whereas facebook is different. But, hopefully a kind facebook user completes the details here when needed.

    The above happens elsewhere (e.g., discord/reddit/line) but a forum entry makes sense too (as folks suggest, forum posts kinda make the most sense despite them being old school).


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      Thank you for sharing this information here, @Xabar!

      Platforms like Twitter and Facebook allow you to schedule posts in advance, whereas the Forums need to be updated in real time. For the most part, it's the same information, just with additional history flavor text here, or edits for the length of the post on Twitter. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow us to reach a wider audience of casual players, while the forum allows space for discussing things like "what to upgrade first" and suggestions for discounts in the future.
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        Originally posted by TinSoldier View Post


        Platforms like Twitter and Facebook allow you to schedule posts in advance, whereas the Forums need to be updated in real time..
        TinSoldier Could you just announce it in the forum in advance when it is scheduled for Twitter and FB? Even if the details aren't precise on dates and percentages, just - discount on some defenses or and some armoury upgrades are scheduled for mid May would be helpful. It doesn't have to be very specific.

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          Originally posted by NateTheGreat View Post
          But it's more like I just bought a Toyota 2 days ago, can't return it without losing half the value and my favorite dream car just went on sale for 25% off and now cost the same price as the so so car I just bought.... If they would just give us a list of events for the next month all of the griping would stop.
          I think everyone would like a months worth of sales information to help plan the worker usage.
          Huge thanks to Xabar for giving us what advanced notice he can.
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            Always in favor for updates concerning the Missile Silo!
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