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  • 7.1 FAQs

    Wall Bastions

    Can I use Wall Manuals to instantly upgrade Wall Bastions?

    No, Wall Manuals can only be used on individual Wall and Gate sections.

    Will I be able to multi-select the Wall Bastions along with regular Walls and Gates?

    Wall Bastions need to be selected and rotated independently from other Wall segments.

    Can Rubble be disarmed or removed from the battlefield?

    Rubble will remain on the field and slow down invading troops for the remainder of the battle.

    Limited Time Buildings

    Is there a list of the event buildings by type?

    Offense -

    Ninja Dojo, Assassin Fortress, Camel Cataphract Camp, Khan’s Dais, Elephant Stable, B-17 Hangar, Fuel Depot, Pirate Fort, C-119 Hangar, Long House, Janissary Barracks, NATO Hangar, Samurai Stable, Ludus Magnus, Saloon, Tank Workshop, Apothecary, Shaolin Temple, Gallows, Helicopter Hangar, The Forge, Super Heavy Tank Factory

    Defense -

    Bazooka Tower, Bazooka Sentry, Helipad, Livens Flame Projector

    Special -

    Diamond Mine, Present Workshop, French Consulate, Aztec Temple, Zulu Kraal, Night Witch Hangar, Villa, Power Plant, Soviet Power Plant

    Increased Troop Donations

    What is the new donation limit?

    You can now donate up to twenty (20) troops to your allies. (Provided they have the space to accept donated troops.)
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    I updated the game. Nice work
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      +1 for great job, bhg.

      great update, we needed something to spice up layouts other than just new walls... the game had settled into a clear meta on offense and defense and it was getting stale.

      zero complaints here, although I did feel a little trolled by the RPG/AR/Kagnew sale for $14.99 while you guys were "fixing" the rpg meta. lol, whatever, i get it, c.r.e.a.m.


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        How many levels do bastions have?


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          Hi tin,
          you guys did a great job with update. I see that you are not forcing to update as a result many haven't updated the game. Is it intentionally done or google did not allowed you to do so. Whatever it is please enforce the update on everyone.


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            It's a good update, donation cap change is highly appreciated.
            There's just 1 thing, I updated the game in all devices except in 1. When I logged in the game I was shown map editor mode and it was unfinished. Some buildings were even moved. I recall I didn't do anything last time I logged in.
            Not a big deal, but just wondering if it was related, or I just got a small glitch.
            Seems like there are some who got bastion issues in map editor as well.
            Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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            I am hearing that most of the glitches are closed. Great move. This would be a killer update. You guys have started fight against cheaters. Thanks for listening. Don't bother about cry babies who cry for everything.


            • No Angel
              No Angel commented
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              I heard matrix rss was closed 😃
              Really people complained about almost everything 😔 sigh.
              I enjoyed forum these days anyways, a lot of exciting posts have been made lately, crybabies and accusations 😆

            • Spaceboy
              Spaceboy commented
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              well, if one spends 15'000$ on this game, then I consider that his voice can be heard, and that he has the right to say something.

              I am playing for free, so I can't really complain, except when changing the rules in the middle of the game.

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            Kahn's Dias shows as Special not Offense


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              TinSoldier please confirm which bugs that have been fixed in this update, in Bugs and Known issues section? I never saw resource, worker and troop cards matrix mentioned in that section, but I'm glad even if you guys silently fix them!