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Bastions 7.1 Update - coming soon!

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  • Bastions 7.1 Update - coming soon!

    Bastions v7.1 Update Notes
    v7.1 ‘Bastions’ update of DomiNations is coming soon!

    Limited Time Buildings
    • You can now place up to 3 Limited Time Buildings on your base - one Offensive, one Defensive, and one Special Type.
    • Check the building’s information window to confirm what type of building it is.
    Wall Bastions
    • Beginning in the Medieval Age, expand your defensive options with these curved wall sections.
    • Customize your base by connecting Bastions to Walls and Gates.
    • You can fit buildings with a small footprint (like Sniper Towers and Anti-Tank Guns) inside the Wall Bastion.
    • When destroyed, the Wall Bastion leaves Rubble on the battlefield, slowing down enemy units in that space.
    Balance Changes
    Assault Rally:
    • Duration reduced by 50% at all levels
    • Damage reduction removed
    • Attack speed buff reduced by 10% at all levels
    • Protect now reduces incoming damage by 70%
    Troop Donations:
    • The per unit donation cap has been increased from 6 to 20
    • The Unisphere Space Age Wonder now yields more Rubies
    Timed Quests
    • Timed quests have been updated to only provide one timed quest per day
    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Prevented the Big Red 1 from attacking betrayed troops
    • Double Swipe will now exit the game on iPhone X
    • Minor art fixes
    • Minor text edits
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    Donation limit removed - excellent.

    Some Assault Rally nerfing - good news.

    War Bastion - sounds interesting

    Protect reduces damage by further 20% - whatever, no big deal.

    Not sure about 3 Limited time buildings though....


    • Dhruv patel
      Dhruv patel commented
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      The assault rally changes are godsend but the duration should be kept the same in my opinion. Also protect (still reduce 50%) and decoy need a 50% increase in duration and Decoys need more health too. (i hope i'm not one of those crybabies for saying this)

      The bastion feature... interesting. From reading this it sounds like they're like walls with caltrops when destroyed and store an anti tank gun in its' curvature. That's what it will fit most of the time and the sniper tower has to be far away not near the walls of a base

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    TinSoldier Thanks for the changes and taking our feedback into account. Looking forward to the update


    • Quagmire
      Quagmire commented
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      Me too. Thanks for listening to the customers! 😊

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    These all look good to me, well done. Definitely excited about the Bastions wall sections.
    Did the floating yellow arrow icon bug get fixed? The pointers for the Museum and Dock are showing up in my MP and War Battles... very distracting.
    Hopefully no new bugs popped up.

    Troop donation cap now 20! Wow that's going to be very helpful for our war efforts.
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      Sounds like another fail at balance just going back to the far left and far right is not balance , I hate being an unpaid game tester/reviewer. So no protect should have been 20-50% and duration should have bwbe 10% your constantly saying one thing and doing another . In the stream you said quote we won't gut the tactic yet here we are gutted , balance is in the center .

      Multiple event building ok cheaters rule the game now can't wait to see 7 ea stabes 7 Zook towers in a war ....

      Donations by one player to the whole team hmm what can go wrong lol sure a cheat will be made of that

      And a wall thing that is vauge sounds like we're adding garbage to the dump


      • {[Fresh]}Kratos
        {[Fresh]}Kratos commented
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        This is not a gut by any means. Yes by the numbers this sounds drastic but just think about it - the only change to DPS is -10% attack speed. Hardly a gut. Now this will be a powerful short boost that involves some risk taking, since no protect element - how it should have been in the first place.

        I consider this a good middle ground. We will see soon. For me, even a slightly more lowering of DPS would have been reasonable. They haven't gut this, it'll still be by far the most powerful tactic.

      • pckrn
        pckrn commented
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        from what it says, the ar will still have 500% dps output. it will still be the second most powerful of all tactics, after Satellites.

      • Chadwicke
        Chadwicke commented
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        Watch it will become the suicide tactic if you enter a base with with 0 protect on the ar you will get killed and 9 seconds it's garbage watch after the update you will see once again how over power Defense is without protect on it at all we are back to 4 stars being a good attack while losing the entire army.

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      Nothing about bug fix for donations on war bases ar working on -3 troops?


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        Oh wow I was never acknowledged the big red could attack betrayed troops?
        Um I was expecting the more barbed wire thingy, but well I guess this new wall thingy could work too. 😄
        Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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          This sounds like an excellent update. Hopefully no major bugs.

          The nerf to the rally sounds exactly reasonable to me. Now it will be a powerful momentary boost that is a bit risky move (since no protect damage reduction), but if used in the right place is still extremely powerful. Notice the only reduction in DPS is the attack speed -10%. That means it will be almost exactly as powerful as is now, but just no stupid invincible units during it anymore, and shorter. I would have lowered the damage output more than this, but I think this will probably work out okay.

          The donation cap is a much needed change - welcome addition. Even though I think it should just be no limit. But 20 units is close enough to no limit, even an all-RPG donation is possible with that. The only one not possible with this is full infantry donations, which is fine - they don't want this available probably for the Blood is Thicker quest.

          The Bastions thing sounds interesting, need to see what this really is to comment.

          edit -- when is this going live?
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            Balance changes are correct and expected. But is it possible to test all this on a group of testers, and to produce a ready-made solution that does not require experiments on users? Nexon, it's time to grow up!
            Last edited by Uhuru; 04-23-2019, 08:12 PM. Reason: Constantly changing rules of the game are already tired!


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              While I usually hate nerfing, this is certainly a good one.
              It is just boring to see all people using RPG+7AR only in all war and just to competing for just 1~2 seconds. I really cant call this game a strategic game now as it is far too brainless.

              I hope with this change, the game will have a little bit more diversity.


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                Originally posted by Chadwicke View Post
                I hate being an unpaid game tester/reviewer.
                That's right.
                In the next update wait for gutting Bazooka and heavy tanks? Nexon has turned all of us into free testers, and it annoys me too. At the same time with this mess has cut bonuses on all fronts. This is a disgusting attitude towards its users, Nexon! Give all for 10 000 crowns or 100 days of accelerations in compensation for your excesses. :-|
                Last edited by Uhuru; 04-23-2019, 08:54 PM.


                • kgaskell01
                  kgaskell01 commented
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                  Especially since the introduction of bastions has broken town edit. Now, whenever I go into edit mode on my existing base, it automatically selects a 2x2 building and puts it in my inventory to place. It will not let me put it back where it was. So now town edit is a USELESS feature. Nice.

              • #12
                And here comes the expected uproar.

                Can you guys wait for them to at least release the update, and try it, before going all hell on the devs... can you appreciate the fact that at least this time they have listened to the users? Most of people have been calling for an even bigger nerf to AR, this is a completely reasonable update. The DPS output is almost the same as before.

                I am usually the negative one but I gotta admit this time, people truly are never happy...


                • {[Fresh]}Kratos
                  {[Fresh]}Kratos commented
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                  Manifesto Until the nerf is in effect those statements are actually true, it does devalue everything else. At the moment it's not about winning, that's a given, but rather about winning every battle in less than 1:30 or even 1 minute. Otherwise loss is guaranteed by time tiebreaker. (obviously this doesn't apply to MP but nobody cares about AR and MP, that's not where the problem was)

                  Anyway, but this is going to change with this update, so not sure what he's on about.
                  Last edited by {[Fresh]}Kratos; 04-26-2019, 03:32 AM.

                • Uhuru
                  Uhuru commented
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                  Nature strives for maximum efficiency in everything . If there is an effective AR + spam Bazooka, why use something less effective? It is devalue because it is no longer needed..

                • Manifesto
                  Manifesto commented
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                  Some people make me want to go out in the woods and scream.
                  AR devalues something because it's no longer needed? If the original item is still effective then it still has value, and it's still your choice to use them. It's also your choice to use something else, despite your ridiculous claim that nexon 'forced' you to use the AR and bazooka spam.
                  AND, to add to the ridiculousness, you're telling everyone we didn't need the AR at all, nexon should get rid of it.
                  Here's a solution: Don't use the AR. Dont spam bazookas. Choose to use your original troops and make them valuable again.

                  ps: I've changed my mind. You're right, your troops are devalued. I don't know what l was thinking. I guess I'm just tired. Tired of wanting people to see beyond their negativity to alternate solutions. Maybe some day banging your head against the proverbial wall will actually change things. Or maybe you'll start feeling better from the effort and the resulting numbness. 😅
                  Either way, enjoy your AR bazooka spam while it's still effective. Then it's back to those faithful troops, waiting patiently to feel useful again. 😄
                  Last edited by Manifesto; 04-26-2019, 03:04 PM.

              • #13
                Excellent. AR changes look fairly spot on to me. Glad the protect element has gone and also a good idea to boost the Protect tactic to hopefully give it some relevance now.

                As a base design person, excited to see what these new bastions are like and the best way to implement them.
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                  Glad to see the AR nerf - hopefully that'll bring some diversity back to War.


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                    Nice Update, can't wait to see it implemented.