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The Space Age 7.0 Update

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    And the point of reducing plane damage is what exactly? They are not that strong to begin with. Well done.


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      Because they gave us three more airspace? I like the change, you can now reasonably mix in bombers and transport.

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    Click image for larger version

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    Hi, great news!
    Just a question, I’ve received the notification for the new version a few minutes ago. I’m in the US. Once updated the app (iphone) I took a look at the top players list and many of them are already in Space Age.
    This one in particular (see pics), he already has the Space Shuttle and 2 Airstrip.

    How’s this possible? Is the game released at different times for different regions of the world?

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      Take a look at this base. It would take me 12+ months to reach this level but he completed it in less than a day.

      Hmmm 🤔
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        What is this person's incentive for playing at all? SMH.

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      Yes, MLM, that’s the base I wrote about. Thanks for posting a better resolution pic.
      That base has the shuttle and a second airstrip. 331 star level. That was 5 minutes after I received the notification for the new version.


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        He’s either a H U G E spender or blatant cheater. I know which one I think he is...


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          "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"


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            TinSoldier : Will we get the actual statistic changes from Nexon the way you guys communicated them also for previous releases?

            Would be greatly apreciated! :-)


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              I was hard enough to upgrade to CWA and be competive which costed me $250.00...Space Age is where you lost me as a player...Going back to PC gaming which is basicly a lot more fun and less expensive for the long run...I managed 8 accounts in different ages....Time to throw in the towel....Good Luck...


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                Over the last year and half this game turned into a money hungry game. I gave up on Glory in WW s a few months back since I stopped spending on TTs and upgrades. This is where I seen there is no point in playing anymore to accomplish anything since there is no goal. Battlefield V is looking better all the time...I play less and accomplish more...
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                  The Space Age: Is this going to be the last age?
                  Offensive Missile Silo: Will friendly fire be on/off?
                  Sally Ride: Heavy Tank death spawn sounds cool. Everything else was okay.
                  2nd Airstrip: So why don't factories also get more troop space? And why didn't barracks get troop more space again? Kinda feel bad for the Romans.
                  Museum: Very colorful, but what does it all mean?
                  Balance: Airspace seems very dangerous.
                  Overall: Even with all this "new" stuff, it feels like an empty age like the last two adding nothing too game changing.


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                    1) No, Digital Age comes up as ''coming soon'' when you're in the Space Age. They also mentioned in the stream at least 2 ages in the works.

                    2) There never was any friendly fire in the game where your troops could hurt each other, this won't do it either

                    4) Factories never gave troop space, their levels unlock more factory troops and upgrades, differentiating themselves from barracks. Barracks again getting expertise, probably to limit hardware stress on people's phones. Then again, donation cap got boosted by 20 through the university research.

                    5) Interested in a detailed explanation myself, will probably find out once I craft for an event.

                    6) Result of air capacity increasing by more than 50%

                    7) The age itself doesn't add much, but the update has changed the dynamics a little bit. AA vs AA and CWA vs CWA seem to be better looking on the offense side since the increased air capacity looks to overshadow the damage buffs given to air defense and SAMs. In Space Age though, defense buildings again get more of a boost than offense units, and there's that library research that gives major boosts to anti air buildings.

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                    museum colours indicate whether and how many lines start with 1% or 6% etc

                    the satellite wonder tactic is very game changing. offensive silo is little bit game changing. space age is much more game changing than atomic age was

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                  Am I the only one who noticed, that there are no worldwar 15 members possible anymore since the last update. That is sad, because it was the most wanted worldwar in my alliance. Bring it back!


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                    25 wws are also noch longer possible. Why?


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                      It is explained here:
                      Hellas Empire
                      Ψαχνουμε παικτες για πολεμους απο επιπεδο 100 και πανω.