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The Space Age 7.0 Update

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  • The Space Age 7.0 Update

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    v7.0 ‘The Space Age’ update of DomiNations is coming soon!

    The Space Age
    • Advance your civilization to the next age of history to acquire new troop and building upgrades!
    • Research four new techs at Library Level 13: Microprocessor, Archaeology, Anti-aircraft, and Offensive Ballistics
    • Employ the services of new Mercenaries! The Soldier of Fortune, 2K12 Kub, and Heavy Tank Destroyer can be hired at Mercenary Camp level 12
    • Generals can now be upgraded to level 70
    • Construct one of four new wonders: Lotus Temple, World Fair Unisphere, Very Large Array, and Space Shuttle!

    New Functionality: Offensive Missile Silo
    • Beginning at level 6, your Missile Silo can now be armed with Oil.
    • Launch missiles at your enemies while attacking their base!
    New University Leader - Sally Ride
    • Research her skill tree at the University to improve your DOMINATION bonus, troop donation, Factory units, and Assault Rally.
    • Harness the power of her Capstone, Missile Command, which increases the Offensive Missile Silo Reticles by 2.
    • Upgrade your University to level 8 in order to research all of Sally Ride’s skill tree.

    2nd Airstrip
    • Similar to the Factory, this additional building will let you queue air units twice as fast.
    • Increase your air force with additional air capacity.
    • Begin construction on the second Airstrip in the Atomic Age!
    Museum Improvements
    • Sell unwanted Artifacts as soon as they are crafted.
    • Artifacts and their boosts are color-coded by their power.
    • Equip more Legendary Artifacts with the addition of a 3rd slot!
    Balance Changes
    • The S.A.M. Battery will deal more damage at level 4 and above!
    • Do more damage with your Atomic and Cold War level Air Defenses!
    • Fighters will be slightly weaker all around - hitpoints, damage, building suppression
    • Bombers will be able go on more runs -able to sustain more hits but do less damage
    • You can now construct more Walls per age!
    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Corrected the War Chest titles for all languages
    • Prevented extra Forests from being removed during tutorial
    • Stopped the War Chest noise when sounds are muted
    • Prevented crash that could occur when placing Tactical Helicopters
    • Allow players to purchase starter packs on crowded bases
    • Corrected the attack speed boost from Library and Coalitions
    • Minor art fixes
    • Minor text edits
    Follow Us!
    Twitter: @BigHugeGames

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    Thanks TinSoldier! Looking forward to seeing space age in action. Not looking forward to being on the receiving end in wars. 😱 Will the stats be posted on the release date?


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      No details about troop or building upgrades?


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        Excited about all of the new goodies! Also nervous about our heavy investment into fighter planes, but fate will favor those who adapt ( combination of aircraft).
        Can't wait to see new Lotus maze designs v2.0 with +14 walls!!
        NATE THE GREAT | 240+ CWA | German
        Stop the cheaters. Listen to your players.
        Give us content not new skins on old units.
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          JoeG, great job with the update. After reading the fixes I noticed that you left out some. Why isn’t level 4 Assault Rally, war position line up, wrong fragments amounts for attacking atomic, long war search times and of course, chat?

          please explain, thank you
          My Game ID is Dradis


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            Also, can you please explain to us why you’re nerfing Fighters and planes? Some of us already feel the Fighters are weak. Plus, you’re upgrading Air defense so our Fighters are going to be in big trouble.
            My Game ID is Dradis


            • Quagmire
              Quagmire commented
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              I'm guessing they don't expect you to need all eight Fighters to kill a base, so you will always have at least two retraining.

            • NateTheGreat
              NateTheGreat commented
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              We will have another tier of fighters to upgrade and just have to be more careful with them. Having 8 weaker fighters vs 5 stronger fighters balances out. Plus training time is reduced, so I think we won't have so much to worry about.

            • Arminius
              Arminius commented
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              Hmmm, will fighter cost be reduced if they are weaker than before?

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            Thanks for developing this an rolling out soon. Looking forward to the second airstrip available in AA already!


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              Will level 4 assult rally be fixed so there is no 6 second pause


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                For the build up and the 18 months wait, this is rather an underwhelming upgrade. The only real new concept is the offensive silo and it looks more like a gimmick. The wonders as usual only have 1 really useful one (space shuttle).

                Everyone will keep using the same factory troops + assault rally, but with better stats. You get more air space slots but they nerfed the planes, added anti aircraft research and boosted sam. So it’s just all square.

                And they’ve been cheap enough to not give a new house while this was due every other age. The last one was in AA so there should have been one in space age.

                So 18 months of wait and developments and there’s not a single new unit concept or new tactic. Some patches for cold war age had more content than this space age upgrade. Maybe they should have saved some ideas like assault rally for space age.


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                  Originally posted by Karma View Post
                  The wonders as usual only have 1 really useful one (space shuttle).
                  Where are you finding info on the new wonders?


                  • Dvicious
                    Dvicious commented
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                  • Alexey
                    Alexey commented
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                    I’m afraid that Lotus Temple bonus will be as usual “upplied to base production”, so in reality it will be like 15-20% boost. Which leaves us only one viable wonder - Space Station.

                  • Manifesto
                    Manifesto commented
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                    Isn't the satellite tactic jusf a variation of the Decoy? It couldve been so much more.
                    Will need to see it in action to appreciate.

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                  What's in version 6.9 huh?

                  Maybe the "coming soon" leader


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                    Uzay çağında ev verilmeyecek mi?


                    • #13
                      Plz let use know when it will be releases


                      • #14
                        Or the atomic and up update


                        Thee Immortals!


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                          I wonder if 8 planes with lower hp will at least equal 5 planes with current hp? Or will this be more typical nexon give with one hand, take with the other? We'll find out in a few more sleeps.
                          Its a pity some more important bugs, like AR bug, hasnt been addressed, but stopping a chest from making a noise was. Guess the easy things are always going to be first, right? l also hope the wonders will be better than they first appear.
                          Question TinSoldier :
                          Will the dominations bonus for AA & CW stay as they are and we get a bigger bonus for SA? eg: 2800 oil/8400 oil/?? oil
                          Or will it revert back to the previous ratios, 840/2800/8400 ?
                          Last edited by Manifesto; 03-16-2019, 03:29 PM.
                          Sour grapes make whine.


                          • Mizzo
                            Mizzo commented
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                            I'm confused, what is it that's sliced off?

                          • Manifesto
                            Manifesto commented
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                            I was hoping the Dominations bonus for CW players would stay as they are: 2800 oil for AA/8400 oil for CW/?? oil for SA.
                            Instead it's gone back to what it was when CW was attacking 2 ages down: CW players get 840 oil for AA/2800 oil for CW/8400 oil for SA. Oh well, CW had it good for a long time. Back to the grind.
                            Nexon has so many opportunities to do the right thing by its player base but it misses the mark so many times.

                          • Mizzo
                            Mizzo commented
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                            Oh ok, damn wish I was CW for atleast 6 months, that oil bonus for 2800 was really good. Well well soon I'll have fun with 7 planes at AA lol