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Space Age preview on Twitch!

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    Got this morning on Dynasty 3, NTG, Impy or leather, was a little disappointed


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      On March 19, 2019, players will be able to turn their eyes to the heavens and advance to the Space Age, where they can research new technologies, construct powerful new buildings and troops, and take on greater challenges in events that recognize great moments in world history.
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        Some awesome looking new skins for building upgrades! Orange Walls!!
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          this twitch stream imho was the best you ever did! Well done...

          I am super excited that the minimum level is 246 and more people will advance soon. The best part is that I am exactly 246 and more relaxed now that I know I already fulfill that requirement.

          The game will change dramatically in the next months...

          8 spaces for aircrafts + bombers will be super...Imagine 4 strategic bombers causing mayhem and obliterating half a base in a signle run while Blitz is active!!
          New wonder powers that are more WW oriented! Trap disarming!!! That looks cool! and the BRB!! Who can resist to that?
          New leader chapters looks awesome
          New Library books are important too! More SAMs and AA
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            I agree. I haven't been this excited since the Industrial Age rolled out! Muet has made good on his promise to make the game fun again. Hopefully with the Uni boost to factory troops of Sally Field, plus the extra capacity of the 2nd Airstrip, we'll have lots more to experiment with. Can't wait to try the new Transporter & stealth Nighthawk bomber. 😍


            • KingCally
              KingCally commented
              Editing a comment
              The Stealth Bomber is a troop tactic. Not a trainable troop unfortunately