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Space Age preview on Twitch!

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  • Space Age preview on Twitch!

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    Since its launch in 2015, DomiNations has promised to take you from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Prepare to take one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind as we blast off with a sneak peek into this brand new era - and beyond!

    Join us at 17:00 UTC Thursday, 3/14/19 on LIVE from the Big Huge Games office for a look at the newest release. Meet and interact with our development team about all the latest news and events!
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    2 things id like to see:

    1. address the lack of effort put into lvl 10 expeditions

    2. tells us the level requirement for space age.

    #2 can wait but #1 is a must. explain yourself.


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      3. no miserably failed attacks. My eyes hurt....
      4. No troop cards demonstration
      5. show us something new from space age pls.

      thank you.That could be interesting. Can't wait!
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        Also please address some of the recent bugs like war position lineup, AR, level 10 Dock, chat and definitely update us on progress for better matchmaking and long war search times. Don’t just ignore these things. Communicate with us.
        My Game ID is Dradis


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          Looking forward to addressing a lot of these issues on the stream!
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            TinSoldier BHG_Muet
            The minimum level to move to space age should be close to 280. Lower values would cause the pool of CWA players to empty. And in addition, they would provoke to be filled with sub-improved bases, as what happened with the low threshold that there is to change to atomic age.

            Level > to Nunber of players
            200 81775
            210 61057
            220 44212
            230 30169
            240 18882
            250 10730
            260 5510
            270 2675
            280 1314
            Number of the actual CWA players: 32015

            If the minimun level to move to the space age is 250, the Nunber of CWA players will down in a 33%, this is a serious mistake.
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            • pckrn
              pckrn commented
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              there are lots of atomics over 220 and lotsa of globals over 160. so not everyone 250 and above will immediately go to space age. level requirement difference doesnt have to keep growing. between AA and GA is 30 but between IA and GA is 50. so its ok to have the difference decrease for a later age. and lack of players can be solved by letting cwa attack global amd letting space age attack atomics. if its going to be 280 then they dont need to release space age until next year. because why make such an effort for something that affects only 1000 people?

            • Alexey
              Alexey commented
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              Looking at this table I would say that the level requirement for the Space Age should be 210. Developing something that is playable for only one thousand players is ridiculous if the game proclaimes itself as “multiplayer “.
              My argument is that game should be interesting to everybody, and not only donators (it’s quite obvious that only donators can reach level 280 so far).
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            • jagadeeshgarapati
              jagadeeshgarapati commented
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              ok lets think it this way. how much xp and levels you increase with only CWA upgades? is it more than 30 levels?

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            I’d like to know the level requirements and see some new space troops in action.


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              When will the broken assult rally level 4 be fixed


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                I assumed that 250-260 just going by builds and somewhat average levels. 280 seems a bit unrealistic as that requires pretty much maxed out generals on top of maxing everything else. I know eventually you reach a point where you get bored but I’ve always tried to be strategic in stuff I upgrade. I didn’t research every little thing in the library, didn’t need to upgrade roads for the xp kinda glitch, still have low lvl farms and caravans. I have nearly maxed out trapped all over, maxed towers, mortars, tank guns, and mostly aa and many other things up. I’m currently at lvl 242. I know that even trying to get to 260 will take a long time.


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                  Release Date on April 1st


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                    TinSoldier - any hope for news and actions against repeated cheating alliances such as Garuda Sakti, tmB.E.A.T, New World Order who all currently is in or around top 10 on the leaderboard?


                    • Mat 3 BloodyBarons
                      Mat 3 BloodyBarons commented
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                      How you know that B.E.A.T Alliance is a cheating one?

                    • Tower
                      Tower commented
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                      Mat 3 BloodyBarons How? How about Iron Age bases taking out maxed out CWA bases? Not just once but again and again.. Sounds legit, right?

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                    I hope you also address how useless the separate speed ups are in game. With the world war chests and the new reward it's perfect for a trickle of speed ups. other tasks include

                    world war chest-- No blessings and trade good shipments, perhaps offer free random coalitions, national trade good shipments and tactics (world war based rewards)

                    league boat-- the tactics and blessings are unnecessary filler, it should be speed ups, NTG and TG, troop armies ( you could make use of age appropriate troop armies like med-jay archers at bronze age) and museum stuff (make supplies and blueprints available at league rewards and the benefactor science perks only for the 15 star chest)

                    Expeditions-- give them their former glory instead of just museum stuff ( they had all sorts of useful rewards before the museum)

                    A way to get more blueprints and perhaps give an increased capacity for artifacts for free from 20 to 40 or 30.

                    Also fix the jewlry and pottery artifacts, they were perfect increasing loot (jewelry) and benefiting the economy (pottery) ONLY. Those categories you stuffed into those could have their own categories instead.


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                      What I don’t understand maybe it could be discussed, why League boat on Dynasty League 1 is worst than Dynasty League 3, and on my other base on Gold League reward are more useful


                      • pckrn
                        pckrn commented
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                        what do you get in dynasty 3 boats?

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                      This morning got 12hrs speed up, will tell you tomorrow, Dynasty league 1 got mainly 3 to 4 NTG and leather, fur


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                        Originally posted by Mat 3 BloodyBarons View Post
                        This morning got 12hrs speed up, will tell you tomorrow, Dynasty league 1 got mainly 3 to 4 NTG and leather, fur
                        do you get them often? in the month of march so far, dynasty 1 boats offered me 2x 1d building speedups, 1x 1d research, 3x 3x6h research speedups. so dynasty 1 does offer better speedups at a single time but how often?