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  • Sputnik 1 Event!

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    This weekend is our Sputnik 1 event!

    Upgrade your Missile Silo, Dock, Air Strip, and Air Defense buildings during this event with 25% cheaper upgrades! Bazooka, Supply Vehicle, and Commando unit upgrades are also 33% off for a limited time!

    Event lasts from 15:00 UTC 3/1 until 15:00 UTC 3/4.

    Sputnik 1, launched by the Soviet Union into low Earth orbit on October 4, 1957, was the first artificial Earth satellite. The satellite, named ‘Object PS-1’, completed 326 orbits in its first three weeks before its batteries depleted. After the batteries died, PS-1 silently orbited for another two months before falling back into Earth’s atmosphere. In total, it completed 1440 orbits and traveled more than 70 million km.
    Sputnik 1 was a radio transmitter, broadcasting radio pulses that were easily detectable even by radio amateurs. The satellite also provided new information about our planet, allowing scientists to better measure the density of the upper atmosphere.
    The success of Sputnik 1 is a major milestone in the history of humanity. It ushered in a new era, triggering the Space Race and a swath of new political and scientific developments.
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    Very good news. I'll be informing my members.


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      very nice event thx
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        Will the initial cost for air strip also be reduced 25%? Or just upgrades?


        • wrathchild_78
          wrathchild_78 commented
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          in the past, it was included the inital cost

        • Quagmire
          Quagmire commented
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          In theory, you're upgrading from Level 0 to Level 1. 😊

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        Yeah right after I built my airstrip?! 😈
        I've just started building it 2 days ago 😢
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          Yay! All of the things I wanted to upgrade! Gonna be a party on Friday night! TGIF
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            Nice event .no help for me tho ,like to see wall discount soon


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              even the events are sounding space age-like now


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                Originally posted by pckrn View Post
                even the events are sounding space age-like now
                Yes it does.

                Interestingly, the original post had a picture of Sputnik and in the corner was a logo that said "Dominations: Space Age."

                That picture was removed but I got a screenshot. You can see it here.

                TinSoldier said Space Age would come out this year and there would be something special for the anniversary of the game on April 4th. My bet is Space Age will come out about that time.

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                • Ugbun
                  Ugbun commented
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                  My post was made a 4:57 AM. Tin edited his post two hours later at 7:09 AM and added the picture back.

                • Quagmire
                  Quagmire commented
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                  Yes, it would be great if they could combine rolling out of next Age with their Anniversary Events & Promotions. A good way to attract back the players who have paused playing after the Rebalance.

                • TinSoldier
                  TinSoldier commented
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                  There was a loading issue on the test device I was using, which made me think the image was appearing corrupted. I had briefly taken it down, but it's back now! Thanks everyone!