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The Cold War Advancement 6.8 Update

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  • The Cold War Advancement 6.8 Update

    The Cold War Advancement update is here!
    **Please note that it may take some time for the update to become available everywhere, so please be patient when attempting to download it.**

    New Cold War Upgrades
    Prepare your Cold War civilization for the Space Age with new levels for the following:
    • Defensive Upgrades: S.A.M. Battery, Wall, Gate, Spike Trap
    • Army Upgrades: Command Post, War Academy
    • Plus upgrades for the Alliance Gate and Dock
    Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
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    defensive upgrades: S.a.m. Battery


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      Please test before releasing this time


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        Looking forward to seeing the stats!
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        Give us content not new skins on old units.
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          TinSoldier Please, try this new vesion before.
          Add an upgrade for the Embassyand the temple

          Could you give us the new upgrade buildings and War Tactics upgrades stats?
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            Can you fix the fact that planes and heavy tanks are dying like crazy after your last update before you add a new way to kill them faster? I mean, what exactly are you thinking here?


            • TinSoldier
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              We are looking into issues related to Planes and Heavy Tanks. Thank you for your patience!

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            am I the only one that isn't satisfied with the update because:

            - having more antiair power (do not forget the new AA), indirectly is a nerf to planes
            - it doesnt specify the dock new destinations and their rewards.....who is gonna be the first to upgrade I wonder?
            - for so long, cwa didnt get any new material, but now that space age is approaching, they remembered to release all that new content? why now and not some months ago?
            - old bugs are not resolved and you plan to release new things? too dangerous....
            - where is the matchmaking changes you told us about?
            - not another wall level....omg....
            - HTs will die even faster now
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              And offensive hpgrades ?
              all this defensive crap is boring. You are just kiling the best half of the game. Doesnt take einstein to work out that if you cant attack/get loot/win NOBODY WILL ATTACK. Give us CWa to- dogs something new that a) works and b) reimvogorates interest.
              oh, and test before you release. The last effort was a truy amazing cock up


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                And at the same time fix the bloody war matchups. Look at this crap. How can you have an algorithm that llows sucha ap in lory own/lose is beyond anyone who knows about algorithms. Stop introducing crap and fix1 the real issues.


                • TinSoldier
                  TinSoldier commented
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                  We can announce changes to Matchmaking very soon!

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                Bug fixes and UI performances are basic structure of any games, so they will have to be prioritized. There should be routine updates for those 2 things every month or 2. All the new stuff could wait longer, letting people play in more stable gaming environment 👌
                Can you do it like Facebook, minor bug fixes and UI improvements are done every week? 😉
                Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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                  Why does the game need stronger SAM batteries at this point in time? Fighters are already being shredded to pieces by bases with air defense blessings. When are we going to get super sonic fighter mk 7, 8 and 9s to counteract the beefed up bases? The new SAM battery upgrades should really be introduced in conjunction with Mk 7s in the Space Age. If you’re going to do this now, at least make the air training blessing available in the temple or tradable for rubies when that Marco Polo guy visits.


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                    What about new level of the Library?


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                      I think they mean update is code for uninstall and quit this was once a great game and especially since rebalance and sale stacking it's garbage now I used to make fun of alliances that just build bases and didn't war , now I am one of them the game has passed the point of no return


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                        practically this is a significant update.
                        if alliance gate adds even +1 to troop requests, then french players get four tanks.
                        will the war academy grant +1 tactic? that would change a lot.

                        they have a pattern of shipping updates a few days after announcing right?
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                          After the last update, we asked you to announce updates here before they go live. You did that. Thanks.

                          I'm confused by reading the forum. Is the game too easy or is it too hard? Everyone said the game was too hard after the rebalance. Then people said it was too easy with the new Assault Rally tactic. Now it is too hard again--at least for maxed out CWA players.

                          There are 3.3 million total accounts. 30K are CWA. How many players does new CWA defense upgrades really affect?


                          • pckrn
                            pckrn commented
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                            if im given a stronger tactic and then made to face stronger anti-air, i would guess what they want to see is similar battle results at a greater cost, as in get as many stars as you did before, but lose more planes and use more tactics and face longer retrain times. you might say this doesnt make the game more difficult, but it makes it harder.

                            and it may not affect you now, but it will eventually affect everyone. like missile silo didnt affect everyone when it first came out, but it affects you now. and a SAM is scarier than a missile silo.

                          • S_How
                            S_How commented
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                            30k accounts are probably a significant amount of active accounts. And, the majority of spending accounts.

                          • River
                            River commented
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                            I guess players who play with crabtanks snd AR can easy take down lvl 300 bases!

                            But players who dont buy crab tanks getting a lot harder against decoy traps, barbed wires with AR!