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Winter for the Ages: Cold War Rush (1/21 - 2/4/19)

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  • Winter for the Ages: Cold War Rush (1/21 - 2/4/19)

    50% Cold War Rush lasts from 1/21 until 1/28
    Advance through the ages while the Cold War Age Town Center and Cold War Age upgrades to troops and buildings are 50% cheaper during this first week! The discounted Cold War Age Town Center upgrade is instant!

    25% Cold War Rush lasts from 1/28 until 2/4
    Strengthen your base while all Cold War Age upgrades to troops, buildings, and tactics are 25% cheaper during this limited-time event! It's your last chance to upgrade your Cold War Age base during the Winter for the Ages!
    Click image for larger version

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    Buildings and Troops discounted for the Cold War Rush (1/21 - 2/4):

    Air Defense: level 5
    Airstrip: level 5
    Anti-Tank Gun: level 8
    Armory: level 11
    Barracks: 10
    Bunker: level 5
    Caravan: level 19 & 20
    Factory: level 8
    Farm: level 19 & 20
    Fort: level 7
    Garrison: level 11
    Gate: level 16
    Library: level 12
    Machine Gun (Redoubt): level 6
    Market: level 14
    Mercenary Camp: level 11
    Mill: level 14
    Missile Silo: level 4
    Mortar (Catapult): level 9
    Oil Refinery: level 6
    Oil Well: level 7 & 8
    Roads: level 10
    Sniper Tower: level 7 & 8
    Storehouse: level 10
    Tank Depot: level 12
    Tower: level 12
    Vault: level 7
    Wall: level 16
    Ambush Trap: level 8
    Barbed Wire: level 10
    Landmine: level 11
    S.A.M. Battery: level 6
    Signal Flare: Level 1 & 2
    Claymore: Level 1 & 2
    Decoy Trap: level 3

    Valiant Infantry (soldier level 12)
    Veteran Rifleman (archer level 11)
    Elite Motorcycle Raider (Raider level 10)
    MBT Mk2 (Cavalry level 10)
    Elite Combat Engineer (Wall Miner level 8)
    Heavy Artillery (Ranged Siege level 7)
    Heavy Supply Convoy (Supply Wagon level 7)
    Elite Field Mortar (Light Siege level 6)
    Heavy Attack Helicopter (Attack Helicopter level 2)
    Assault Vehicle (Assault Vehicle level 1)
    Valiant Machine Gun (Machine Gun level 7)
    Heroic Commando (Commando level 7)
    Heavy Tank Mk6 (Heavy Tank level 6)
    RPG (Bazooka level 5)
    Armored Car Mk5 (Armored Car level 5)
    APC Mk3 (APC level 3)
    Heavy Tactical Helicopter (Tactical Helicopter level 2)
    MRL Mk1 (MRL level 1)
    Supersonic Fighter Mk1 - Mk6 (Fighter level 19 – 24)
    Strategic Bomber Mk1 - Mk6 (Bomber level 19 - 24)
    Reinforced Transport Mk1 – Mk6 (Transport level 13 - 18)
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    Why screw your players with a reduced upgrade in week 2 when every other age gets 2 weeks at full discount?


    • KnattyNate
      KnattyNate commented
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      I agree. Us CWA players are getting screwed by the 25% reduction in the second week. We are the ones who need the discounts the most.

    • gxe1134
      gxe1134 commented
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      Personally, I'm cool with the 25% upgrade. Since CWA represents a sort of "finish line" for the game, I think it makes sense for folks to take longer to finish it out. I just went to CWA, and as I'm cranking through oil upgrades, I was thinking "Damn, that's it for Airfield and Silo upgrades. And in a few days, that'll be it for factory upgrades too".

      Obviously I have lots more stuff to upgrade, but rushing to finish it all out can be a different sort of problem in terms of players engaging with the game over a longer time.

      Given the 2 weeks, I'm planning accordingly to close out a lot of the key high-oil costs and will be happy with what I accomplished.

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    I'm finally going up to CWA, 😏 the way I see it, it's perfect for me. 3-4 months of upgrading all of necessary troops and buildings and then, BOOM!!!! 💥💥💥 Space Age!! 😎😊😏

    Lord Stark leader of Dragonstone 1.0


    • #4
      going from global to cwa straight away, I can say now, that someone needs approx 6 months to upgrade most of the useful barracks troops and half of factory troops to cwa level.
      Greek Myrmidons
      Ψαχνουμε παικτες για πολεμους απο επιπεδο 100 και πανω.


      • #5
        Why isn’t Heavy Tank Mk7, Heavy RPGs, APC Mk4, and MRL Mk2 on the list of discounted troops? There’s probably more that I missed but these are the important ones due to the rebalance.
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        • wrathchild_78
          wrathchild_78 commented
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          yes we need an answer pls TinSoldier

        • Arminius
          Arminius commented
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          An educated guess: Tin copied the list form years event ...
          Did these already exist at that time?

          I agree that it would be great to know about these missing units.

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        THEY ARE DISCOUNTED.....APC MK4 requires 106,800!
        Greek Myrmidons
        Ψαχνουμε παικτες για πολεμους απο επιπεδο 100 και πανω.


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          I'm finally CWA! #Finally #Badassery #Unstoppable

          Lord Stark leader of Dragonstone 1.0


          • LordStark263AC
            LordStark263AC commented
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            What are your priorities? I'm upgrading Airstrip, Museum and Factory so far, might use crowns on Armory and/or Heavy Tank Bunker. Atomic Age Missle Silo is powerful enough for now, so that can wait.

          • Arminius
            Arminius commented
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            I have started blacksmith, library, air strip & factory. Currently I am waiting for worker 19 & 20, so that I can start another oil-building, probably bunker? Or I'll use some crowns to get another 4 workers to start missile silo - at best before Monday to use the 50% bonus. ... but I do only have ~ 2000 crowns - since they only give us 2 or 3 per day and I need those crowns on the last day of this event for HT 6 and fighters.
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          • alegs
            alegs commented
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            Hint: The silo without the 50% price reduction will cost more oil than the atomic refinery can hold.

        • #8
          Originally posted by LordStark263AC View Post
          I'm finally CWA! #Finally #Badassery #Unstoppable
          Here's one interesting tip folks might not realize:

          You don't have to upgrade your Armory to upgrade Airstrip and Factory troops (you just have to upgrade your Factory and/or Airstrip).

          Personally, I used crowns to complete a factory and airstrip upgrade so that I could start a few oil-troop upgrades. I didn't have to touch my Armory / Blacksmith. Maybe in a month or so I'll get around to upgrading that, but for now, there's no real reason.


          • Arminius
            Arminius commented
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            Thx, running a test now ... hope it works

        • #9
          Why isn’t the level 5 silo discounted during Cold War event? This seems like a big miss.


          • sileepuppee
            sileepuppee commented
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            I agree as the new upgrade to silo and aircraft gun are cwa upgrades yet they aren’t a part of it. I feel like they could’ve obviously timed it better. They arent space age buildings (Or are they?).

          • Manifesto
            Manifesto commented
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            I think because it was added in the recent 6.7 update. It probably wasn't part of the original plan for Winter event.

        • #10
          What’s even funnier is the the silo upgrade is highlighted under the event inside the game.