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    People, what is wrong with you?

    This is exactly what is happening:
    - Some enthusiastic dev in BHG: hey, some ppl miss benefits of big events, let's add (ADD.. ADD!!!!!!111) some small event between big ones for them.
    - Some manager in BHG: sounds good;
    - Event anounnce
    - Community feedback: you want to milk our money.
    - Some manager in BHG: okay, the event was bad idea, they decided we want their money, so no EXTRA small events in future, now back to work.
    - Not-so-much-enthusiastic dev in BHG: okay...

    The community of this game are toxic and stupid beyond any recogntion. You are ruining everything. I so angry on you.
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      Well TizJourney I think the fact that they have burned us has lost them the benefit of the doubt. Yes, you might be right, it might be that they were planning to start doing something like this regularly. But unless I get extremely lucky I'll never get to take part. a 2 day long event when my current updates are 10 day's long? okay so I have a 20% chance of being able to use it that will only go down as I improve things further. The other major issue is the name.

      It is specifically called the "catch up event." not "A catch up event" but "Catch Up Event." indicating that it is a one time deal to let you catch up with the changes.

      "Join the new era of combat with a special upgrade event. Tuned to allow your army to catch up on the new field of battle, these upgrade deals are only available for a limited time!"

      What's worse is this description. It reinforces the fact that you need to use this event to stay competitive, that the deal is going to go away, and that the "new field of battle" is permanent.

      That combined with a 2 day window when everyone who needs to make use of it already just started 10 day builds and the reminder of why we need to catch up being Nexon's failed changes makes everything about this pretty much negative.

      Either Nexon was making
      1. A cash grab trying to make people spend crowns
      2. Is completely out of touch with its players.
      3. It's a combination of 1 and 2.

      And unfortunately as of late there is no reason not to suspect 3.


      • TizJourney
        TizJourney commented
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        This is plain stupid. Any discount event gives you opportunity and potential benefit. If you miss it you loose nothing. Nobody force you to spend crowns.

        Reaction of community DEMANDS from BHG to make less free of charge events. Because it is “hard” for you to make decision or something. Idiocity.

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      Hi skychan !

      It's actually much more of option 4:
      There are buildings/units/features that aren't bundled in the next few history-focused weekend events (like the current WWI Rachel Pratt event), so let's have a quick mid-week discount so folks can catch up on these areas, if able.

      As it stands, there are similar 'catch up' events penciled in for the next few weeks!
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      • Blood
        Blood commented
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        Lmfas so even you think it’s option 3

      • NateTheGreat
        NateTheGreat commented
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        Thank you for getting on here and fielding our comments TinSoldier. We really do appreciate when you make appearances and give more details. I have been hoarding oil now waiting for these catch up events. I'm intent on getting my HT Mk7 with maxed out Leonard library upgrades.

      • Blood
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        I don’t know why. The ht army is a myth designed to get you to spend more. I got attacked by one of those yesterday he had max mk7 5 max planes and German boost. died awful on my 232 base. He got 51% 3 stars with my traps down and my tc out. He lost over 11,000 oil. Oh and he used all 7 tactic slots and 3 tank destroyer mercs

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      He chose option 3. I had option 3 listed.


      • RDS Leader
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        There’s no genius at work under that ‘tache

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      Originally posted by TinSoldier View Post
      so let's have a quick mid-week discount so folks can catch up on these areas, if able.
      ''if able ''
      And therein lies the catch.
      TizJourney , if you don't agree with the community, fine, but we're not demanding less events. I think l speak for everyone when l say we want these events but we want them longer. Nexon has often had overlapping events, l don't see why we need in-between events.
      Take some time to think before you speak.
      Sour grapes make whine.


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        I think this Tiz guy labors under the delusion that the devs actually listen to us and that what's said here is anything more than players venting about a game that they (used to?) like.