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Five Good Emperors: Antoninus Pius Event!

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  • Five Good Emperors: Antoninus Pius Event!

    Farms, Caravans, and Oil Wells are producing 160% more resources for a limited time!

    Enjoy increasing boosts to your economy as the season goes on. The Five Good Emperors (96-180 CE) oversaw the Roman Empire during what British historian Edward Gibbon famously called the happiest period in human history. Antoninus Pius (r. 138-161) was appointed emperor to maintain stability until Hadrian's true choice of heir, the young Marcus Aurelius, came of age. The modest Antoninus stayed safely in Rome for his entire reign, which lasted far longer than anyone expected. A talented administrator respected by both the people and the Senate, his uneventful rule was marked by peace and prosperity. (Event lasts from 14:00 UTC 8/24 until 14:00 UTC 9/3.)
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      No it's not splendid.. lots of our guys stopped playing because you substituted great special events with useless Summer events


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        It is really good, because it couples with the rush event. So you get more resources especially oil as you move up an age. It is no coincidence that the emperors step up to 160% and 200% the resource production towards the later stages when the IA, GA and AA rush happens.