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DomiNations Higher Learning! v5.7.5 Update Notes

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  • DomiNations Higher Learning! v5.7.5 Update Notes

    v5.7.5.X ‘Higher Learning’ update is out now!

    New Library Techs
    • Library can now be upgraded to level 11
    • Research 4 new techs: War Reparations, Sentries, Mobile Forces, and Rotorcraft
    Mystery Chests
    • Open chests from Marco Polo and Sales for a chance at rare rewards
    • Mystery Chests can be found in the Chests tab in the Inventory
    Better Loot
    • Beginning with Silver II, League Boat Rewards have a chance to contain National Trade Goods
    • Beginning with Kingdom III, Victory Chests have a chance to contain National Trade Goods
    • Improved rewards for watching videos
    • Greatly improved resource rewards for Victory Chests across all leagues
    • Improved resource rewards for the League Boat Rewards, greatly improved beginning in Gold III
    Performance Improvements
    • Significant reduction in data sizes to reduce network data usage and improve load & transition times
    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Fixed a bug preventing building placement while in the Map Editor
    • Fixed an exploit where players could cheat the elapsed time in World War attacks
    • Replaced missing Coalition icons in World War UI
    • Added a check to prevent Alliance Levels from going down
    • Fixed a bug preventing players in Dynasty I league from earning Victory Chests
    • Corrected Friendly Challenge replay error that could occur when watching from a World War
    • Fixed an issue that caused Commandos to become unresponsive after destroying a defensive building
    • Added a fix to prevent World War attacks from earning over 100% damage
    • Security improvements
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    nice way to incentivize staying in higher leagues


    • LordJestix
      LordJestix commented
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      i doubt the NTG bonus is going to be high enough to justify a harder loot grind. Im going to guess most that stay lower levels for easier raiding wont be going to higher leagues because the loot upgrades wont really matter.

      Edit: Also unless the loot improvements are extremely buffed, ill still always be taking diamonds in my boat and chest. (its hard to beat unraidable resources like oil shipments) EndEdit

      It is nice to see them trying to make it better though.

      I am very curious to see how they implemented this chest system.
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    So is the time tie breaker coming back?
    There are too many cheaters out there to take glory & the leaderboard seriously these days.

    I am a bad leader. I hates me.


    • Quovatis
      Quovatis commented
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      I hope not. Until they fix the pay to win issues, adding a time tiebreaker only benefits pay-to-win alliances. If pay to win elements were removed, then yes, it would be a reasonable tiebreaker to determine skill.

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    TS, please let your people know that many of us are crashing when trying to edit bases. Thx
    My Game ID is Dradis


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      I think you are in the right direction, but I'm afraid you didn't solve the biggest problem to players in higher leagues: the NTGs. If you are in Dynasty for example, You probably has high developed coas and need a ton of NTGs to buy them every war. Is,up to 54 coas per war, each 2 days. Is very hard to get them when you only face lvl 200+ bases. The only solution I can think is include NTGs in League's battle bonuses. The higher the league, more NTGs you would receive.


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        It would be useful to be able to buy NTGs with Gold. Once you commit most of your workers to 10-day upgrades, there's no reason to play for next week & a half except to upgrade walls. Until a new Leader is introduced, even the University now takes a week to upgrade a level.


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          TinSoldier When are you bringing WW replays back?
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          • TinSoldier
            TinSoldier commented
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            We are nearly there! World War replays will have another beta period before the next update.

          • Empire
            Empire commented
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            That's great to hear, TinSoldier Thank you!

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          nice update
          my two questions which have been asked above
          - when is battle timer coming back - I love it
          - when are ww replays coming back - loved them too


          • TinSoldier
            TinSoldier commented
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            Some of these things will return after all players have moved to the new updated version of the game.

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          " Research 4 new techs: War Reparations, Sentries, Mobile Forces, and Rotorcraft "

          what is about?


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          Does we have a state of the nation soon ?


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            I am looking forward for war replays to return... its a very important feature to learn from enemy attacks and make necessary adjustments to war bases...


            • #12
              Nice, easier access to NTG's!


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                Originally posted by FroggyKilla View Post
                Nice, easier access to NTG's!
                id bet we will still have an issue trying to gain enough ntg for a war every two days. A much easier fix would have been to make them like diamonds, 1 guaranteed for every 5 star victory.


                • FroggyKilla
                  FroggyKilla commented
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                  Yea, but the gesture is nice.

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                Originally posted by TinSoldier View Post
                • Improved rewards for watching videos
                I get the same 3 crowns per video. What improvement was there supposed to be?


                • Jedi Kurt
                  Jedi Kurt commented
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                  Got 75 crowns on one vid i still remember the vid its slots but others are 3 crowns and shipment

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                Alliance xp back to 1 after update. We were 4. Gamers in pjs
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