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  • Atomic Age Events!

    The Atomic Age approaches! To get you ready for the new Age, we’ll be running discount events covering the end of World War 2. No matter which Age you’re in, you’ll be able to participate and earn rewards!

    The first of these amazing events starts with the Battle of Britain*. Between the fall of France and the entry of the United States and USSR into World War II, Britain stood virtually alone in opposition to Nazi Germany. The outnumbered British Royal Air Force heroically held off the German Luftwaffe in a months-long air campaign, thus preventing an invasion of Great Britain. Historians around the world have described this as the first major campaign fought entirely by air forces. These valiant soldiers gave their all to protect Queen and country.

    For those looking for a deeper read on this event in history, you can find more information over here:

    And don’t forget, tell us which famous World War 2 battles you think helped turn the tides of war!

    *Event starting soon*
    Twitter: @Nb4powerup

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    My problem for reaching to atomic age is not upgrading of economic or defense buildings. I need to upgrade my army and I have just one armory and each update takes about 10 days. If you are in hurry to release AG do something about armory before that.


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      IzEagle Does have a point. Furthermore, why would to provide a second factory in global just to train troops faster and then not provide a building to do research in?

      Maybe instead of adding an extra Armory just localise upgrades to their specific buildings rather than all being on one place.


      • Riyad604
        Riyad604 commented
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        The second factory is predominantly used for defensive purposes as odd as that sounds.

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      Is my idea finally coming to reality?

      or do not

      there is no try...


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        I don't care. Fix the war matchmaking soon. You guys got your priorities mixed up.
        WORLD WAR KINGS. A FUN, active, international group which WARS 24/7. Now Recruiting Level 150 and up!


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          First priority is to fix the crashes during battle ...


          • Cristianofsousa
            Cristianofsousa commented
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            Concordo plenamente com você. Outra coisa achei ridículo chegar a era Global e não poder melhorar os quarteis, uma verdadeira lastima.
            Espero que não aconteça isso na era Atômica.

            I fully agree with you. Another thing I found ridiculous reach Global and was not able to improve barracks, a real regrets.
            I hope this does not happen at the Atomic era.

          • Bobortvogel
            Bobortvogel commented
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            First priority is war replays. Oh my...

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          From this teaser of Atomic age we will see:
          A second refinery, upgraded SAMs, upgraded planes and a helicopter and new wonders. Also The base environment is not going to change.
          I am interested to know more about APCs. You know in real atomic age we didn't have assaults who can fire over wall and assaults who can't so in my opinion the APC should replace one of infantry troops. I prefer to give my special german unit and instead of it get a special German APC who carries 10 assault. Lol


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            Awesome! owo
            But I wonder how this 'atomic bomb' will be used with balance inside the game?


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              Ty for the heads-up Nb4powerup


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                Originally posted by IzEagle View Post
                My problem for reaching to atomic age is not upgrading of economic or defense buildings. I need to upgrade my army and I have just one armory and each update takes about 10 days. If you are in hurry to release AG do something about armory before that.
                i fully agree, pls Nexon do something against this problem..


                • Texan
                  Texan commented
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                  100% Agree with this adding having oil needed too upgrade so much in higher ages, looting is not realistic or oil production.

                  Upgrading each item 4-6 mil gold per wall pilar 5-7 mil gold per gate 145 pilars
                  Forest - 6 mil gold- 7 plus mil for last 7 forest 21 days
                  Defense upgrades 4 mil too 8 mil gold 6 days- 8 days
                  Coalition... etc in Industrial to Global age

                  Sure game is not one too rush or be hurry, not everyone has or willing spend alot money on game that consistantly has gaming issues.

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                Will we be getting a new nation soon?


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                  Originally posted by Nb4powerup View Post

                  And don’t forget, tell us which famous World War 2 battles you think helped turn the tides of war!
                  I'm sure everyone knows or has heard of the battle of the bulge but I think a different 'bulge' of sorts was the turning point in the war, the 'bulging' German Sixth army that was trapped and squeezed by the Russians in Stalingrad. From that day forward the Germans never stopped retreating until the end of the war.

                  Another turning point is the North African campaign, The Germans spent too much resources on that campaign. The allies, especially we Kiwis (and some Aussies too! ) stopped the Germans cold!


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                    The entire Pacific island hopping campaign in my opinion needs fair mention.


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                      Avant ère atomique réparer nous le jeu et donner nous replay de wars et réparer bug comme erreur connexion et


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                        Nice any news about updating new ages...but, what about improving current set up?

                        Please, do your best to add battles replies, both war and multiplayer. It is a nosense I can not see even the attacks to my own city. Moreover, we need to share attacks replies with our team mates, also from both war and multiplayer. Share through the alliance chat may be an option....just consider it guys


                        • Texan
                          Texan commented
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                          Like we have new age coming around corner, great we are given upgrade discounts would be added help when given these reduce time takes upgrade.

                          We have only so many workers not everyone during tuff economic times are financially able spend money to play game.

                          Oil production is not reasonable for the amounts needed items too upgrade in higher ages. Especially amounts need per upgrade as well, very well aware why multi player battles are here to help with this.

                          Their arent enough players holding enough oil too reasonablly obtain oil in amounts requiring 140k -210k.

                          Those of us who have played for over year and half too two years know not be hurry the game takes time. Unless you have tons of money too blow on a game wherecmany dont.

                          We have so many players that have rushed through Enlightment, Industrial too reach Global. These players are your new players been playing for 8 months or less hoping too have some what of chance.

                          They never will with discounts that last for 3-4 days and take 5-9 days upgrade one item.

                          Last please fix the alliance rankings their are several alliances in top 40 that have 1 player or 11 players . Where average player hasnt been on for weeks, or alliances have no ability too war other alliances.

                          They shouldnt be listed in ranks and effect other alliances ranks or match ups which has been issue for while. Where these alliances being left in ranks could be effecting match ups.