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UPDATED: Update Notes for 3.0.X (Android and iOS)

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  • UPDATED: Update Notes for 3.0.X (Android and iOS)

    v3.0 Update Notes

    The v3.0.x update of DomiNations has been released!

    World War!
    • Entire alliances can wage war against each other and win massive amounts of loot!
    • Strategize and battle with no risk to your resources, medals, or peace treaties.
    • Defend with special War Bases that are always ready for battle.
    Alliance Improvements!
    • Alliance Leaders can now appoint Co-Leaders!
    • Co-Leaders have the same abilities as leaders, including starting wars.
    New Command Post building!
    • The Command Post stores loot won during World Wars.
    • Produces one wave of your nation’s unique unit on defense.
    Improved Layout Editor!
    • The layout editor now allows you to save 3 different layouts for your town and 3 more for your War Base!
    • Copy and switch between layouts with ease.
    New Quests & Achievements
    • New quests added relating to the Command Post and World War.
    • New achievement added for World War.
    Balance Changes
    • Connecting buildings to your Town Center with roads also increases the Town Center’s health by a flat amount per building.
    • Demolition damage vs Town Center cut by half.
    • British loot bonus increased to 15% (up from 10%).
    • German attack bonus after wins increased to 15% (up from 10%).
    • Greek unique cavalry damage bonus increased to 25% (up from 20%).
    • Greek unique cavalry hitpoint bonus reduced to 10% (down from 15%).
    • China’s nation power now also includes +1 mercenary capacity.
    • Angkor Wat healing changed to a flat amount which increases as you age up. The previous percent-based heal was far stronger than intended for generals. The new flat healing achieves a better balance (and also heals your soldier defenders to full each tick).
    • 5 additional walls available in Iron Age and in Classical Age.
    • Farm and caravan hitpoints increased 15% and 20% respectively, across all levels.
    • Cavalry raiders damage bonus vs. resource buildings increased from 3x to 4x. Base damage decreased proportionally.
    • Archers and machine guns will now periodically scan for nearby defenders instead of staying targeted on lower priority targets.
    • Machine gun cone radius reduced to better match visuals; base damage increased to compensate.
    • Town center defenders and donated troops activate from a much closer radius. This makes donations more valuable on defense, where previously they could easily be baited away.
    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Fixed a bug causing Chat to show behind Leaderboards.
    • Revenge button now displays message if target is not valid and will also reappear so the player can check again at a later time.
    • Fixed button overlap caused from pressing the Customer Service and Credits buttons simultaneously.
    • Fixed a bug in a PVP battle causing the already destroyed Gold shipments (dropped by Caravans) to reappear when using rally anywhere on the map after the battle has finished.
    • The 'Claim' (Crowns) button no longer overlaps the number of stars on the Campaign selection window.
    • Players now able to tap and preview what is gained when advancing in Age.
    • Clarified that the 2nd chapter of the Banking Library Tech doesn't apply to Single Player Campaign.
    • Fixed a bug causing the range for all generals to be labeled “melee” even after they turn into tanks and their attacks change to be ranged.
    • Generals now respawn at a more predictable rate.
    • If a player has 2 generals activated, both now display on top of the castle across all levels.
    • Replay camera no longer continues to shake if paused during catapult explosion.
    • Fixed a bug causing smoke particles to never dissipate.
    • Canceling matchmaking search loading screen no longer leaves "search" dialog up for ~15 seconds.
    • Fixed a bug causing players to be able to purchase special deals over and over and never be rewarded items.
    • Fixed a small checkmark artifact in Erase Mode box in layout editor.
    • Fixed a bug causing Map Editor save button to remain disabled if building is moved back to original placement after player attempts to place building in invalid location.
    • Changing your language no longer causes an error without a message.
    • Single Player city icons now display at correct size when first viewed in a new session.
    • Fixed a bug causing the Starter pack not to appear until Iron Age.
    • Fixed a crash caused by buying War Machines.
    • Changing your base layout while having a Zeppelin on an airstrip no longer results an error.
    • Fixed a bug causing players to experience issues installing updates.
    • Leveling Redoubts to level 3 no longer causes a crash.
    • Fixed a bug where upgrading tanks could cause your army to go over the troop limit, which would cause security checks to delete the player’s army.
    • Fixed a bug causing the tactics window to not close by pressing the X button if the window is opened from the War Academy.
    • Fixed a bug causing green terrain backgrounds to not appear on portrait images on Info screens.
    • Fixed a bug causing the wrong thumbnails to appear in the layout editor for Trade Good Shipments.
    • Leagues are now updating correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where some shipments could not be opened.
    • Fixed an AI bug causing defenders to freeze.
    • Strength of the Gladiator power no longer causes visual effect to appear on airplanes (the tactic continues to not affect airplanes’ attack).
    • Improved loading and memory usage during initial launch.
    • UI layering bugs fixed.
    • Fixed a bug which caused buildings to remain on fire after an attack.
    • Fixed and issue where the Campaign UI sometimes appeared offset.
    • Fixed a bug causing planes to occasionally appear to fly backwards.
    • Improved pathfinding when hunting animals.
    • Animation fixes for machine gunners.
    • Fixed a bug causing unplaced buildings to appear in replays.
    • Fixed animation bug making aircraft appear offset from the Airstrip when visiting other player’s bases.
    • Fixed visual error when visiting a player that has an emissary.
    • Fixed a bug causing retrain times to be miscalculated.
    • Fixed a bug causing alliance chat to malfunction for some players.
    • Fixed a bug causing Aircraft deployed against targets near the map edge to deploy too close to the building to attack it on the first pass.
    • Localization fixes.
    • Added additional security measures.
    • Improved memory handling to prevent crashes.
    • Improved security.



    After discussion with our community, we have reverted some of the cost increases made in the recent 3.0.x update. We've proactively credited players who paid for these upgrades before the costs were reverted. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We hope you have an amazing time in World War! These include:
    • Age up costs increased: Classical to 160k, Medieval to 700k, Gunpowder to 2m, Enlightenment to 4.5m, and Industrial to 6m.
    • Vault upgrade costs increased to 400k/1750k/3750k/4750k.
    • Redoubt upgrade level 1 costs increased to 2.1m and level 2 increased to 4.6m.
    • Ballista Tower upgrade level 3 increased to 1m.
    • Heavy tank cost increased from 80k to 100k.

    The time it takes for a General to become available is now dependent on destroying all Defensive buildings! If you fail to destroy all of your target's defensive buildings, your General will take 24 hours to respawn. If you DO destroy all of the buildings, your General will respawn faster based on his or her percentage of health remaining.
    Last edited by Ironangel; 12-03-2015, 02:53 PM. Reason: Reverted upgrade costs and General spawn time clarification

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    Very happy to see alliance wars. Thank you for the clarification on generals
    Last edited by Binary; 12-04-2015, 08:06 AM.
    Alliance "Dominion Admins" accepting new members. Add id "BinaryBrains"(Binary) on the line app and then join the alliance. If you do not meet the requirements for Admins you can consider joining the dominion gats, dominion jedis, or dominion elite(). All of these alliances are connected via the Line chat app. Brand New players can join dominion stars


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      Holy hell. This could be the greatest update yet.


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        Looks good guys...hope it lives up to the hype. Thanks all the same!


        • #5
          Huge patch notes. I want to see if they really fixed training time inflation.


          • #6
            Awesome update!! Keep up the good work guys.
            Join Elite Generals



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              Great work guys, but I feel a bit fed up, because you have copied clan wars from CoC. We do not want a copy, we want an original alliances wars!


              • Smallville
                Smallville commented
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                It's more of a style of play. CoC wants something like this but they are afraid to attempt it. Like I have stated in the past "DomiNations is much more dynamic" CoC has just been run over by the by a built train.

              • Martine
                Martine commented
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                You may find yourself to be a minority here. It seems that there is no pleasing everyone. We have waited for this a long time now. Why spoil the fun with a negative attitude. And when you write "we" you are not speaking for me.

              • IronFist
                IronFist commented
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                Lol, I complain because it seem too much to CoC, but I dont use to complain "about everything", so stop thinking you know me. But still, I like this update, and Im sure that Nexon will improve it.

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              so far, so good. awesome update.
              The 1st Dynasty


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                Hm, the Romans will have a great advantage in Alliance Wars, as well as the Japanese... Some wonders will have better impact there (Angkor Vat, Forbidden City or even the Terracotta Army). Not sure I would do the same decision on wonders back then as now...
                Cheaters can't attack


                • Martine
                  Martine commented
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                  Why do you think the Japanese will be so good? The Romans I get with their really exceptional bonus of 10% extra ... jealous much.

                • Exodus
                  Exodus commented
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                  The Germans may actually be better than the Romans with their 15% additional damage!

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                Best update ever! Alliance wars, nation rebalance, tons of bug fixes. Great work!


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                  Fixed visual error when visiting a player that has an emissary.

                  What is that? Never heard about an emissary O_o

                  The 1st Dynasty


                  • Tipek
                    Tipek commented
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                    Emissaries are ones that being you gold and food when you start a Town Center upgrade.

                  • JuDomines
                    JuDomines commented
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                    Ah right. Thanks

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                  Simply put, Thank you Nexon & Big Huge Games


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                    Great to see Alliance Wars and improved layout editor. My only issue is the nation balance changes.

                    Seems like the German, British, and Chinese all got buffs and yet the Greek nation which was already obsolete before this update didn't receive any net benefits. Greek unique cavalry damage bonus is increased by 5% and yet their hit-point bonus is reduced by 5%. Not exactly sure how this constitutes as a rebalance when you consider the all other nations that needed buffs got positives, and the nation which needed the greatest overhaul simply got a flip in its cavalry stats. Mind you the Greek economic ''advantage'' of shaving off 40 minutes for a week long upgrade hasn't been changed at all. Greeks aren't even good at what their supposed to be at with their purported "better architecture."

                    At this point its obvious that the Greeks have the sole title as the worst nation in the game. With the Chinese mercenary buff its not even close anymore. I wonder if today's update entirely constitutes the nation rebalancing TimTrain mentioned in his September State of the Nations...


                    • john99
                      john99 commented
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                      Germans 15% extra dps is still not active, the troops info still shows same dps damage as with 10% extra :-(

                    • Jwinn
                      Jwinn commented
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                      Well said my friend. Do what I did & make the switch to French

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                    Thank you Nexon and I'm very happy...Keep up the good work. I'm going to buy some crown to support this game further.


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                      Nice Update, are there improvements to AI too?


                      • Denquin
                        Denquin commented
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                        It says so.
                        Look toward the bottem

                      • leetillu
                        leetillu commented
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                        you mean: "Fixed an AI bug causing defenders to freeze." ??

                        I had several strange behaving AI since 3.0 so it seems they did not fix that...