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Update Notes for Oil Boom v1.5.67 (Android & iOS)

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  • Update Notes for Oil Boom v1.5.67 (Android & iOS)

    The v1.5.67 update of DomiNations is out! Below are the full update notes!

    What's New in Oil Boom:

    Discover Oil!
    - Starting in the Enlightenment Age, build Wells and Refineries to collect and store your Oil!
    - Begin your Oil Boom today!

    Introducing the powerful, new Factory and Factory troops!
    - Gatling Guns: Creates a wall of lead to deal with large groups of defenders.
    - Guerrillas: Undetected by enemy towers, they sneak through gates to plant explosives and clear out defenses.

    Improved Troop Movement and Targeting!
    - Troops take more efficient routes when moving.
    - Troops try to focus fire on the same wall segment, rather than split up and attack different sections.
    - Ranged Infantry switches targets when enemy troops come into range.

    Balance Updates!

    - Buffed England's loot bonus from 5% to 10%!
    - Germany gets an additional Nation Power! German troops receive a 10% damage boost after a victorious multiplayer battle!
    - France gets an additional Nation Power! French nations can receive more donated troops from Alliance members!
    - Japanese Town Center gets extra range, but a reduced fire rate.

    More XP!
    - Increased the amount of XP from certain buildings, players might see their levels increase as a result!

    - Generals substantially buffed!
    - Added 5 additional levels of General upgrades, up to level 20!
    - Players can activate two General at a time with the Leadership library tech!
    - Activating one General is free, but subsequent Generals cost resources to activate.
    - All generals move at 1.7 speed (was 2.8 for Alexander, Nobunaga, Cleopatra, and 1.0 for Napoleon)
    - Generals attack every 1 sec (was 2) and damage halved to match.
    - Every General now has unique stats, making them each a bit different!

    - Heavy Infantry range reduced to 1.5 in the Enlightenment Age and beyond (was 2.0.).
    - Heavy Infantry upgrade costs increased.
    - Raider upgrade costs reduced.
    - Raider hitpoints increased to 660/720/840/860/880/... (was 450/480/540/630/830/...).
    - Raider damage increased to 42/48/114/... (was 35/40/95/...).
    Sappers have 3x higher base damage, but same amount of damage vs. walls.
    - Sappers level 3 and 4 now have 4 splash damage.
    - Ranged siege now has 1 splash damage.
    - Defender Heavy Infantry now prefer to target Heavy Cavalry.

    - Ballista Tower level 4 (Cannon Tower) does an extra 70 damage.
    - Traps cost more to rearm.
    - Level 3 and Level 4 Stable upgrades flipped; Level 3 now decreases training time of troops from Stable, while Level 4 upgrades the troops trained from Cataphracts to Knights.

    - Wonders have more hit points as they advance through the Ages.

    War Tactics
    - Protection lasts 30/33/36/39 secs (was 12/13/14/15).
    - Increased damage of Barrage.
    - War Tactic prices adjusted to better reflect value; some cheaper, some are more expensive.

    - Weapon blessing amount increased to +30% (was +20%)
    - Training blessing amount decreased to 70% (was 80%) and duration upped to 20 minutes (was 15 minutes)

    - Exploration level 1 refunds costs after a Forest is cleared instead of providing a discount before a Forest is cleared. Same discount, different order!

    More Improvements and Fixes!
    - Players can speed up Ask for Troops by using Crowns!
    - Library "Finish Now" costs now update in real-time.
    - Less scrolling, more scrolls! The Library now auto-scrolls to lowest available level of technologies and inventions.
    - New Achievements for Oil!
    - Animal Blessing now correctly spawns animals at the intended rate.
    - Trade Goods are now properly stored on Campaign maps between attacks.
    - Updated Battle screen and star position, more on-screen space for battling!
    - Better logic when trying to connect to iTunes or Google Play stores.
    - Added a unique German Rally icon.
    - Added unique Change Wonder icon.
    - Additional polish added to Revolution, fireworks and cheers!
    - Added a new prompt when Alliance Leaders leave an Alliance.
    - Added an Alliance button to Town Centers after the Alliance Gate is repaired.
    - Added a message to better inform players when Alliance donation limits are reached.
    - Replays correctly display remaining time left in a battle.
    - Rotate button is always shown when in Map Editor to prevent buttons moving position.
    - Road Buff effect is now hidden when moving roads.
    - Wall connections will now update properly while moving.
    - Fixed "For Hire" Goal to allow Mercenaries discovered in Forests to properly count.
    - Fixed rare crash when using Betrayal and First Aid tactics together.
    - Fixed a bug that caused the last few roads purchased to disappear.
    - Fixed issue using Rally onto a Food or Gold Shipments.
    - Fixed Alliance Window scrolling when a visit button is visible.
    - Fixes for War Tactics targeting invalid targets.
    - Prevented crash when attacking players with corrupt data.
    - More cheat detection and prevention.
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    Looks good to me!


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      10% for england is not enough... It should be 20% like france has to units building time at least. Ranged archer is still worst unique out there, so please buff it too for nations divercity.


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        BAN FU******* hackers they even are creating alliances how low this game and company had become? players who paid you thousands of dollars are leaving game now i hope you are happy enjoy your crappy game when 70percent of players are hackers


        • Whatwhat
          Whatwhat commented
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          your exaggerations are pitiful. 70%? did you do some research into that figure???

          i would say less than 5% is likely. but i agree these players are ruining the game.

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          Originally posted by TheWise View Post
          The v1.5.67 update of DomiNations is releasing soon! Below are the full update notes!

          - More cheat detection and prevention.
          Lol, this comes last. shows how much of a priority it is.


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            Can we get an ETA on the update please


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              Keep up the good work. I hope you at least change those misleading descriptions in the store.


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                Another jacked up update. Unbelievable. I am not level 105, I am level 95. I am seeing level 135's out there.

                Now I am level 115.
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                • Whatwhat
                  Whatwhat commented
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                  what on earth are you talking about?

                • miasmic007
                  miasmic007 commented
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                  Read before you whine.. It's in the update info =.=

                  More XP!
                  - Increased the amount of XP from certain buildings, players might see their levels increase as a result!

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                Time for a massive German Revolution!!!!


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                  Before I updated to the latest version tonight (oil boom) I was level 95 now I am 115. I have a lot of other issues also. I am losing 50% more troops or more per fight. Rally is so broken now I won't be using it. The new troop AI is horrible. If this isn't reverted fast I am truly done with this game. Rival Kingdoms will be my main game.


                  • Eagle
                    Eagle commented
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                    Ur losing more troops cause infantry range got nerfed at enlightenment, got to get used to it :/

                  • This game is laggy
                    This game is laggy commented
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                    According to the top post, XP for some buildings has been increased which explains the increased levels.

                  • fandidwi0802
                    fandidwi0802 commented
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                    I agree with you. Troops movement is weird, and they prefer to break another wall instead of getting through the already opened one. They become brainless after last update. So dissapointing...

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                  This is all very well and good but, can you also address more BASIC issues like rally and troop AI? Why keep introducing new gameplay features when there are still so many bugs to work out? Please see and the other suggestions in the other sub-forums. I really hope you devs are reading the stuff we write down here (at least the ones that can be taken seriously). The game obviously has potential but is broken on so many levels. I have alliance members who are boycotting the game because simple issues aren't fixed (i.e. peace treaty doesn't work, etc.)


                  Edit: Didn't see the troop fixes, will test it out and see.
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                  • theironlady
                    theironlady commented
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                    Ok, I battled for a day and it seems your troop 'fixes' are in fact quite the opposite! Seriously Nexon, you really need to work double time. I never played a game with so many glitches and such dumb AI. I play another game very similar to this one and though it crashed a lot at the start they got everything fixed in a few months.

                    I have lost so many battles I normally would have at least three-starred! That says something about your highly malfunctioning troops, doesn't it?

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                  Never mind, my level now matched up.

                  1) However, the rally function still makes the troops really stupid. Even worse than before.

                  2) Troops AI is worse than before even without rally. They would attack the closest wall even though there is an open space or building next to them. WTF.

                  3) Replays and battle logs are not working.

                  BHG, do you guys do any extensive QA before you release new patch or update?
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                  • Touchdown
                    Touchdown commented
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                    It so hard to loot now because they make your troops more stupid now they just running around and neglecting the def base of your enemy and there more to target walls and bldg near them instead going for def bldg.

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                  So I update the latest version and here are a few of my quick thoughts:

                  1. I like the new units and stuffs and they are cool. Still waiting for industrial age to come to unlock all units and buildings
                  2. The current game is very frustrated. My infantry becomes useless, after the update they can't event attack walls. They are moving along the walls without attacking walls. I believe it is because Infantry's range is reduced to 1.5 making it extremely difficult to destroy any buildings within the walls. My infantry got wiped out easily and there is no point of using them in the battle. Then, what is the point of all the infantry upgrades so far?


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                    iiiiiiii Love Youuuuuuuuuuuuu Nexonm
                    pls add Clan Mail For Leader pleaseeeeeeeeeee