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  • *** Active Players Only ***

    Vale of Shadow, level 12, now recruiting.
    • We’re an active alliance, 7 days inactive and you’re gone!
    • We run back to back wars.
    • War searches begin 5-10 mins after previous war ends.
    • We need both high end and low end players.
    • Alts are welcome but they must remain active.
    • If you opt in for war, you’re expected to attack!
    • We have active chat, and also use discord for planning and general chit chat.
    • We have players in many time zones, USA, England, Europe, Asia, etc. so there’s almost always someone logged in.
    • Primary language, English.
    Vale Of Shadow
    Join us

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    Just a quick FYI;
    Anyone kicked for being inactive is welcome to return when they’re active again.
    Vale Of Shadow
    Join us