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The Insatiables - Level 10 Alliance Recruiting!

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  • The Insatiables - Level 10 Alliance Recruiting!

    The Insatiables - Level 11 Alliance Recruiting!

    Join The Insatiables!

    We are a level 10 alliance, meaning 50 percent of donations value get refunded and all troops get upgraded to global age. Good if you are a low to mid level player and need an enormous boost in winning battles, as horses get promoted to medium tanks.

    We're half way to level 11 which means the NATO perk, in other words a 20 percent damage and hitpoint increase to coalition troops. We have 20 slots available as of this posting.

    Active players, wars 2-3 times a week, good easy going crowd, language is English and minimum 200 medals. We have 5 players with at least 10,000 lifetime donations, 11 with at least 5,000, 16 with at least 1,000. We win 80 percent of all wars we get matched up with, which means a player who has 2 attacks will get a Conqueror's chest with two stronghold armies once the war is won. That's a minimum of 4 stronghold armies per week just for playing the game!
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      still recruiting


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        Still recruiting