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  • Drafting

    Hello Leaders

    I've a question on drafting

    Say I'd like to start my own Alliance from scratch. What should I do to convince people to join? I mean nobody would have that much patience to join a one-person Alliance, regardless of the ambition to grow the Alliance.

    How do you recruit new members?
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    First of all, I never recruited (at least until the alliance was half grown), people ''naturally'' joined at the beginning.
    You could probably read my alliance's milestones, Saruman. (Long one, sorry 😆)

    I started the alliance from big zero last year (July 2018), at first I never intended to recruit. What I did was some kind of preparation. I already had 6 playable (war - ready) accounts at the moment. I only needed 2-3 days to get 4 more, which were also mine, 4 Iron Age accounts 😆.
    Then I started wars. It didn't take long, a couple days, a few people joined. Of course they were all beginners, iron age, classical age folks. Some socialized and wanted to war, some didn't. I waited until 3 days; when they got inactive, I kicked them. I waited until 3 got inactive so I could kick all 3 together. Kicking at least 3 members will put you on Alliance Search List whenever the list is refreshed. Need a bits of luck on that one too.
    The alliance started to grow to level 4. It attracted higher level players. Prepare for Rejection and annoyance from them 😆. My alliance was visited by a lot of high level Cold War Age players, and what they told me was pretty disturbing, something like, ''sorry, your alliance didn't fit my criteria''. I got used to it eventually.
    Then I started to recruit (end 2018). The medias were Forum and Facebook.
    It was the time when I described what we did/needed in alliance. That we were super chill alliance, we didn't war back to back, we didn't care about glory, but cared about perks.
    The alliance was growing through the good direction. Of course we didn't always win. And I got upset many times. But we were chill. Even when people (here in the Forum) laughed at my 15K glory alliance (atm) when theirs had above 25K glory 😆.
    I appointed trusted allies Co-Leaders and most socialized allies Council, so they got motivated more and more.
    Lately I started to recruit in Discord. We got a few good visitors willing to help, some are staying, some continued to travel.

    So, what you need is preparation, and you have to be sure about where your alliance will go in the future. If you are war oriented, make sure you join big alliances first, build networks. A lot of people (especially travelers) will be willing to help as long as you stay connected and have a strong network in community.
    If you're not really commited to big wars, are chill, want something stress-free, then you can try my way.
    Facebook is the main resource for recruiting. But you will probably not get established players. That's fine, if you guys all want to learn. You can also use the Forum, Discord, and Reddit to recruit.
    Your recruitment message should be eye catching, so cool people would consider to join 😄

    ​​​​​​That's a little suggestion (more like Sharing, I guess) from me, who (I proud to call my self) bravely built my alliance from Nothing, to Something, without the help of big guys at the beginning.

    Good luck! 🤗
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      A very good summary filled with excellent advice from No Angel. 👍 I believe it is important Saruman to have a vision for the alliance. Know what kind of “culture” you want to create. This will be your trademark. You will be the one running the alliance initially. Be prepared to teach, teach, teach if starting with many new players. It is a lot of work if you have never been a leader of a competitive alliance, having a core group of co-leads and trusted council working together will steady the ship during the storms. Good luck!

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        Thank you both for the advice! I tried this some time ago, but have been unsuccessful. Now I'm pretty happy with my Alliance "Head Case", but if someday I'd like to start over again, then I should follow your advice I think!
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          set your alliance rules right from start. Being organized really helps. Make Line mandatory for all members. Make friendlies. Lots of them. Be a leader in general. In WW, in loot, in chat, in everything
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            13 of us left our old alliance a couple of years ago when the leader went AWOL and we started a new alliance. Within a few weeks we were almost full and we've had no problem staying at about 46 members ever since. Whenever we kick people out for being inactive we get a fresh bunch of raw recruits to replace them almost immediately - usually iron or classical age accounts.

            The fact that we started our alliance with enough people to start warring probably made it easier to attract new members. Plus we're an open alliance and don't have any medal requirements. But I imagine it's quite difficult to start a new alliance if you don't have a few people to help you out...


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              What new leaders will suffer is how hard they will gather good members for the first place.
              This game has been running for 4 years. Established players are in established alliances.
              I have tons of accounts that's why it was easier to build a warring alliance. But for those with single accounts, or just with 1,2 alts that would be really difficult; socializing and massive promotion are our best choice.
              ​​​​​Get some friends and their alts with you and I'm sure you're all set!
              Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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                Excellent advise from No Angle. The hardest part when I started my alliance was getting any members.
                We started with 10 alies, but that doesn't put you on the suggested alliance list. Witch means your not presented to players searching for a alliance.
                To get on that list you need 21 members.
                Would think you made friends allong the way ask them to put there alts in your alliance.
                Include your own alts if you have any.
                To start it's all about the number of allies, once you start to fill up you start your selection.
                It's hard work to start your own alliance but with the help of some friends you will get the members.
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